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01/31/23 10:02 AM #9898    


Frank Schickedanz

Just so you know  -  I pulled up the Amigos/Kings Classic website and they have them on their menu and I can order them on line  -  8 of the Wedges for $14.99  -  I'll have to see what the cost of shipping is.  Talk to you later.

FLS  (Schick)

01/31/23 02:48 PM #9899    


Holly Heacock (Reiter)

Shick, so sorry to hear of your sister's passing, sending sympathy and comfortπŸ™πŸ»  Also, while watching the KC Bengals game, we were a bit neutral.  I love KS and Mahomes is incredible but our daughter graduated from LSU during the Burrow years at LSU so I have been a huge fan of Joe. I thought that game was crazy fun to watch but in the end I was happy KC won! Go Chiefs!🏈🏈🏈  Tell your sweet wife hello from me, stay healthy and safe in this  disquieting world we are living through. 
Thinking of Mimi and family as it has been a year since our dear friend, Dick passed. He was a very special man and I so very much miss his unceasing wit on the forum.😒❀️  

We are also enjoying our new grandson, Hayes, who was born March 26 to Ashley and her husband, Zach. We are blessed to have them living close. 








01/31/23 03:58 PM #9900    


Sandi Ayres (Allred)

Mr. McCarville was my favorite male role model (along with our janitor) at Park School.  Everyone loved him!  His favorite baseball team was the Cardinals.  My cool  memory of him is when he let us listen to the World Series on his transistor radio (I think).  It must have been 1964 when they beat the Yankees 4-3.  Who else from Park remembers that?

01/31/23 06:12 PM #9901    


Ron Smith

Happy birthday Dick Kincaid !!!

Also,anyone interested in attending Leonard McCarville's funeral it will be Feb.3 at 10:00 am at Prince of Peace Catholic Church in Kearney.Sadly,according to his obit he lost his eyesight to macular degeneration. 38 years in education at Kearney Public Schools.

Quite a memory Sandi remembering Mr. McCarville letting your class listen to the 1964 World Series. Omaha native Bob Gibson won game 7 for the Cardinals and Phil Linz former Kearney Yankee (when Kearney had their farm team in the late 50"s} hit a home run in the top of the 9th for the Yankees.

02/01/23 01:14 AM #9902    


Frank Schickedanz

Thank You Holly  -  I will  -  Very Cute Grand Baby  -  Carol and I just got our 1st last year - they are a little over a year old and it's our first ones.  We are fortunate that Aaron, Jenna & Jude (Leon) live only about 3 miles away and Dane, Haley & Olivia live in Denton which is about 30 miles away  -  so we get to see them often

Sandi / Ron -  you are correct  -  the Cards did beat the Yankees in the 1964 World Series  -  pretty cool memory

Just so you know  -  I had Cataract surgery last year  -  they took the Cataract off and put a Crystal Lens in my eyes  -  I now have 20/20 vistion and don't have to use readers  -  I'm sure the majority if not all of you knew that but Medi Care and my supplemental insurance paid for the whole thing  -  I only had to pay for the prescriptions which was about $240.  If you haven't looked into it you may want to check it out.  Better go to bed  -  it's late  -  Talk to you later

FLS  (Schick)

02/01/23 04:14 PM #9903    


Barb Arnold (Jacobitz)

Frank, I believe Dick "homemade" the cheese frencees and then fried them at the get togethers!

Glad your cataract surgery was successful, Frank! 

Sandy, you are so right about listening to the World Series in 5th grade with Mr. MaCarville! Miss Beebe have had not been aware ??? Gary Stickney always let us listen to the the World Series on the radio in his class at KHS, as well!

Holly, you have an adorable little glad the kids are so close and you can get lots of grandma snuggles! 



02/02/23 05:43 AM #9904    


Joann Stengel (Tumbleson)

Julie Hunt Schmidt let me know that Maria Guardiola's daughter (Jennifer Reed) passed away. Her funeral was yesterday in Kearney. She was 46 years old, way too young.
Prayers to Maria and her family as well as Jennifer's young children.

02/04/23 08:39 PM #9905    


Sue Wise (Divan)

We need lots and lots of prayers for our classmates husband.  He has a bleeding ulcer, has had two transfusions and is being life flighted to Omaha!  He still has no pathology report back on the brain mass!  Prayer they can stop the ulcer bleeding and for a positive pathology report!  Prayers, prayers, prayers please!

02/04/23 08:41 PM #9906    


Frank Schickedanz

Susie  -  are we suppose to know who that Classmate is??  Just curious

Thanks Barb  -  I actually saw a recipe on line when I Googled Cheese Frenchee  -  I love to cook but I really don't think I am going to take on that task.  I just made a pot of Chili and I really think it is Grand  -  Maybe we should schedule a Mini and I'll throw some together.  Just thinkin'.  We could do Tamales, Chili Cheese Dogs and Frito Pies  -  or maybe tackle the Cheese Frenchee project.  I better sign off  -  I'm starting to hallucinate.  Talk to you later.

FLS  (Schick)

02/04/23 10:18 PM #9907    


Sue Wise (Divan)

Frank~I did ask permission to use their names and she was going to ask him. If she asked she didn't get back to me. I have texted her a couple of times for updates along the way.   Sorry I can't say their names but I'm sure we all know them!  Just keep praying for them. 

02/04/23 10:21 PM #9908    


Sue Wise (Divan)

Joann thanks for sharing about Jennifer passing.  Prayers are with Mary and her family. 

02/07/23 03:23 PM #9909    


Danny Cavenee

Shick  looking forward to watch the Chiefs play Football.  Mahomes will have a great day ! Along with Travis Kelce and Chris Jones.  GO CHIEFS 

02/08/23 10:30 AM #9910    


Frank Schickedanz

Danny  -  I'm with you  -  Go Chiefs  -  I hate the Eagle worse than the Raiders  (as you can expect there are stories behind both of those)

FLS  (Schick)

02/09/23 08:49 PM #9911    


Sue Wise (Divan)

The classmate's husband I've been asking for prayers is Jerry Foote.  Cindy let me know tonight he is okay with everyone knowing he needs our prayers. They are still in Omaha and still need lots of prayers! I'll let you know if I hear more!

02/10/23 05:50 AM #9912    


Joann Stengel (Tumbleson)

Sue, thanks for letting us know who the classmate is who needs prayers. The Foote's definitely have had their share of health challenges. Healing prayers and thoughts are sent their way.

02/10/23 04:21 PM #9913    


Dave Carpenter

Happy Birthday Larry Kay!  Here's wishing the Old Man many more!  Glad you're back on the Pickel Ball Court.

Sandi, I really enjoyed Mr. McCarville as well.  May he R.I.P. I think your are right that Mrs. Beebe must not have known about the radio and the World Series. That story reminded me of the World Series our junior year at KHS.  Mr. Marrow let his class watch a game in the auditorium when the Cardinals Bob Gibson was going for a single game strikeout record against the Tigers.  The last bell rang and the auditorium emptied immediately.  Mr. Marrow was hot and said nobody cared about the game or the record since everyone left so fast, so we won't be watching any more games! Funny though, that wasn't the last time he chewed out our class (remember his reaction to the comments in the Underground Newspaper article about the teachers and the Rowdy Section?). 

Barb, maybe we did influence Mr. McCarville decision to leave Park School and go to Kenwood!  We were a pretty rowdy bunch.

Frank, I like your ideas for the food menu for the next Mini.  BTW, is Sean Payton going to be the answer for your Broncos next year?  Lincoln has a ton of Chief fans hoping for a Super Bowl win.  But we can't forget the Eagles have 3 Huskers on their team can we?

Sue, thanks for the updates on Jerry Foote.  They will be in our prayers.

Ron, your memory never ceases to amaze me! Good stuff on that World Series!




02/10/23 06:04 PM #9914    


Cindy Walters (Castillo)

Cindy and Jerry are coming back to Kearney and returning to their home. The doctors did get the bleed from his ulcer fixed, but he is still really weak.  They were going to find transportation to get him back to Kearney. His pathology came back as glioblastoma.  At the time of surgery in Kearney, the surgeon felt they got all of the mass, but oncologist in Omaha said this prognosis changes everything. He will do treament here - she mentioned radiaton. Cindy says she doesn't need anything but prayers for Jerry. A friend and I are going up to see them on Sunday and try to get thngs set up for meals and whatever else we can do to support them. Continue to pray for strength and peace.


02/11/23 10:37 AM #9915    


Frank Schickedanz

Susie  / Cindy  -  Thanks for the update  -  prayers go out to Jerry & Cindy  -  hopefully they caught everything in time,

Dave  -  I'm still on the Cheifs' Bandwagon  -  I'm hoping that Sean Peyton can right the Russell Wilson ship   -  The BRONCOhad to give up another 1st Round Draft Pick to get him along with giving up EVERYTHING to get Wilson  -  Proof's in the Puddin'  -  Better get out and get my walk in.  Talk to you later.

FLS  (Schick)  









02/17/23 12:47 PM #9916    


Danny Cavenee

Happy Birthday Bullet For Get The Candles Not Room Enough on the CAKE .   Later DC.

03/04/23 10:08 PM #9917    


Ron Smith

A very happy birthday to my favorite Susie and many more !!!

03/06/23 04:36 PM #9918    


Danny Cavenee


03/08/23 11:55 AM #9919    


Sue Wise (Divan)

Thanks for the birthday wishes Ron and Dan!  Had a great day except being on the phone for 1.5 hours for computer program support!  John took me to my favorite burger joint, In and Out and then to DQ for a hot fudge sundae!  Yum!  Our 50 th Anniversary is Friday. We're headed to Red Lobster tonight for steak and lobster. John's birthday is the 16th so it's either steaks at home or out to eat again!  We celebrate the whole month of March!  I had lunch with Vickie Martin yesterday. We have a great time together.  We bring a cooler full of NE beef with us.  Hoping we can go once more before we head home!  Weather is finally in the 70's and the desert is green and the flowers are blooming.    Our youngest, Lindsay, had an emergency appendectomy Monday night in Kearney and is still in the hospital. Hoping to get out tomorrow!  It's been hard not being there for she and Josh. Fortunately, my youngest sister was able to go and be there and entertain and feed Josh on his 40th birthday!  Not much else going on with us. The forum has certainly slowed down without Dick to keep us going. Miss him!  Take care all. 

03/09/23 09:20 AM #9920    


Kathi Geiser (Wright)

Loveland is getting an In and Out it really that good?  Some are really excited about it...

I'm headed to Arnold for a funeral this weekend.  Anxious to get into the Sandhills.  Get to be with my brother, sister and cousins, memorable moments will be made!

03/10/23 08:00 PM #9921    


Sue Wise (Divan)

You'll have to try them Kathi!  I love the burgers but not wild about the fries!  If I could have their burgers and Freddy's fries, I would be really happy!  Sorry for your loss Kathi.  Enjoy reminiscing with your family. 

03/13/23 04:30 PM #9922    


Danny Cavenee

Barb hope you have a HAPPY HAPPY Birthday on the SIXTEETH later DC.!!!!!

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