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08/23/22 09:41 AM #9833    


Marcene Niedt (Joy)

We drove to Kearney, picked up my mom & went to see the traveling wall. It was a solemn feeling to see all the names. I am trying to collect all the information I can & send to Washington for a remembrance of my brother. Trying to find his senior picture. The form from the school wanted his email. If votes pc weren't in existence then.  

08/31/22 10:51 AM #9834    


Marcene Niedt (Joy)


Happy birthday Sue. Have a great time!!  Marcene 


09/04/22 07:36 PM #9835    


Ron Smith

Happy birthday Kathi and many more.

09/05/22 09:38 AM #9836    


Kathi Geiser (Wright)

So hard to believe we are 70 years old, class of 70!!!

I did my first crab boil at home with brother and friends.  Turned out awesome.

Into the next decade.....


09/09/22 08:17 AM #9837    


Sue Wise (Divan)

Welcome back to the website Terry Rayback!  You and Jerry Cummings have had interesting, adventure filled lives since graduation.  Hopefully you and Kathy will make it back to our next reunion.  Happy birthday to everyone reaching our magical 70!  It's not too bad!  Thanks Ron for posting a tribute to Rich and Dick.  They and all the others we have lost are missed.  We are off on another camping adventure, Ravenna's Buffalo County Lake.  Not far from home but camping with 4 other friends/family.  Should be a fun weekend!  Forum is pretty quiet these days!  Another thing Dick used to do. He loved to try to get a reaction to his posts and sometimes he did!  Have a great weekend.  GBR!

09/10/22 11:11 AM #9838    


Anna Sobotka (Schroeder)

     Class of KHS 1970   Lets each take 5 minutes of our time and post something on the forum ( in honor of Dick )   

09/10/22 11:12 AM #9839    


Anna Sobotka (Schroeder)

     Life is what you make of it----enjoy life !!!!!!!

09/10/22 10:38 PM #9840    


Kathi Geiser (Wright)

Hi, I just spent 7 hours at the final outside blues festival of my summer.  Yesterday it was over 90, breaking records.  Today I had to get out a stocking cap, it rained and didn't get much over 50.  I was proud of myself at 70, making it the whole show.  Josh Hoyer closed it out.  He's a Lincoln guy.  More soul than blues.  

Dick would smile...I'm wearing my flannel shirt.

09/11/22 10:16 AM #9841    


Vicki Bissell

Enjoyed the cooler weather yesterday and thankful for some rain.  Dick would be saying it is time to think about a weiner roast or Octoberfest.  Miss Him.

09/12/22 07:59 AM #9842    


Joann Stengel (Tumbleson)

I think Dick would be saying after the loss Saturday that our taxes will be going up with the Husksters loss!

09/12/22 05:42 PM #9843    


Ron Smith

You read my mind Joann. He would say that.

In fairness to Frost we have had only a few great players the last several years. The years when everyone wanted to play for Nebraska has long been gone.It makes it hard to get the best recruits.  No matter how great a coaching staff you have if you don't have great team personnel you aren't going to be a great team.The coaches don't miss field goals, shank punts,tackle,block,throw the ball, run the ball,fumble,etc. When we went to the Big 10 the rivalrys and tradition went too.Unfortunately,college football is all about the money and it is ruining the sport. That is why Southern Cal and UCLA are coming to the Big 10. Imagine those fans going to Rutgers or Penn State to watch a game. Just my thought.

09/12/22 07:33 PM #9844    


Karolyn Krumland (Koogler)

Hello...happy fall
Just wonder what allyou Bronco fans think about Russell joining you🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈

09/12/22 11:12 PM #9845    


Ron Smith

Karolyn,it just doesn't look right with him not wearing a Seattle uniform. Geno played well enough to get the W tonight for you.  Can't blame Russell going to Denver and making $245 million for 5 years. I am pretty sure I never made $49 million in any year of my working career. Xavier is also a big Seahawks  and Mariners fan after living out there.He is back in Nebraska now and lives in Hastings.


09/14/22 07:35 PM #9846    


Anna Sobotka (Schroeder)

            Yeah classmates for the posts on the forum !!!!

09/15/22 10:55 AM #9847    

Terry Rayback

Thanks for the Birthday wishes!   Reaching 70 is better than the alternative, however it is really difficult to claim "I'm not old" when the number is 70!  of course it is a nice pairing to gradulation year huh.    Life in San Diego is expensive but good.  I volunteer as a Docent on the USS Midway, so if you are heading this way let me know and I can get you some free tickets.   I love doing the presentations of how to launch and recover planes on an aircraft carrier. 

 I miss a lot of the things about Nebraska life and of course the people.  California is mostly loony toons these days.  


09/15/22 02:08 PM #9848    


Ron Smith


Nice to hear from you on the forum.I wonder if Bob Manning is still in San Diego?  Bob and Rich Larson lived together after their navy days for awhile. Rich came back to Kearney in about 1979 and bought his parents car and we drove it back to San Diego.They had a plane crash at the airport weeks before that in San Diego and there were body parts found on the runway. I asked Rich what it would cost to fly back to Nebraska. With Rich's quick wit he told me just an arm and a leg.

I looked at Kathy's profile and saw the pictures she had posted. What a great looking family you have. You married your high school sweetheart and you are still together. I asked one of our classmates for a date in high school and she politely said no and I said it's because I am too short and she said yes and I said I am taller than a lot of people and she said yes,but most of them are still in 3rd grade. I wasn't the shortest in our class. I towered over Kevin Hendrickson by at least a quarter of an inch.

09/15/22 05:15 PM #9849    


Leanna Fritz

Anna had a great idea about sending out a post for Dick. Dick always liked to hear about me and my dad's beaten and battered Husker flag. He must have gotten it in 1970, because it looks about that old, complete with notes he made with magic marker on it. Looks ok from the street, as long as you don't get too close to it. Anyway,Dick liked to hear about my tradition of running the flag around the front tree after a Husker win. And I did that after the ND game! I did it once at his farm too, when we had a mini out there one fall.A Good memory! Will I get to run around the tree a couple more times?

Time for Frank and Gary to post.....

09/15/22 05:18 PM #9850    


Leanna Fritz

And HBD to Gloria who I got to sit by at the reunion. HBD Gloria!

09/16/22 09:24 AM #9851    


Kathi Geiser (Wright)

My great niece is now at UNL...imagine it's a memorable experience on game days.

I was in Rockt Mtn Natl Park yesterday at a wedding, and the elk were bugling in the background.  That was memorable! 

09/16/22 04:00 PM #9852    


Danny Cavenee

Go Huskers Stay  with the plan.

09/17/22 12:30 AM #9853    


Gary Martin


Anna - Nice idea to post in remembrance of Dick. With the firing of Frost, I'm sure Dick would be questioning why he didn't choose to become a college coach...being able to get canned and get paid big bucks for doing nothing:)  And of course his taxes would be going up due all the Huckster loses!!

Terry R - In Dick's words, "Damn Rayback, that's what I call an update". Welcome to the forum. It sounds as if you've had a full life and still going. Congrats on still be married to your high school sweetheart. We have new neighbors from San Diego...they said the looney bin got a little too full for them:)

Leanna - I hope you have a backup exercise plan that's not based on Husker victories!  Maybe switch to the KC Chiefs.  Vickie and I are going to be in Elkhorn for a wedding on Oct 8...staying with some old Az neighbors who moved to Papillion last fall. Maybe we could get together for breakfast that Friday if you guys are available..a breakfast mini?

Karolyn - It was really strange to watch the See Hawks and Denver game.  I didn't know who to root for or against? I still haven't made my mind up yet:) 

Our summer is finally starting to wind down. It's been a cool summer by Az standards, only 2 days over 110, but a lot of rain. That meant HUMIDITY which we're not used to. The lows are getting into the low 70's and monsoons are mostly gone. Ready for Winter!!!

It's nice to see some activity on the forum! I think Dick would like that😊


09/19/22 02:37 PM #9854    


Danny Cavenee

Well put Tiger I agree about Frost.

09/21/22 03:46 PM #9855    


Ron Smith

Happy birthday today to the Rodriguez twins Jonas and Xavier. Great times with Xavier in high school riding around with him in his 1966 Pontiac GTO. Cruising central avenue looking for young chicks in his hot car didn't help. Now we would be happy to find an old hen.

09/22/22 05:48 PM #9856    


Marcene Niedt (Joy)

From an Old hen to a couple roosters. Happy birthday Marcene 

09/23/22 12:14 AM #9857    


Gary Martin

Ron - Your post about cruising main brought back many fond memories.  First, I thought Mike Behn was the only one with a GTO (65)...wish I could remember Xavier's?  A few weeks back I was watching the movie American Graffiti with my sons on one of the Dish channels. I told them that, although that movie was based in the early 60's, it was EXACTLY the same experiences we had while we were growing up in Kearney. (Not sure they believed me:))  My next door neighbor actually grew up near Petaluma Ca., the town they filmed the movie in and recalls the making of the movie. He's a few years older than we are😊  As a matter of fact though, you and he could have a heck of a conversation as you both have memories that I wish I had!! 

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