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12/23/21 04:08 PM #9705    


Jerry Ohlmann

Rest in peace, my friend.  Our prayers for peace and comfort to Mimi and entire Garrelts family. 

12/24/21 07:21 AM #9706    


Vicki Bissell

Rest In Peace Dicki.  I will miss our visits about life on the farm and going to rural schools but I know you no longer have to hid your pain, you are free.  Prayers for Mimi and all of the family.

12/25/21 12:04 AM #9707    


Ron Smith


Happy birthday & merry christmas to you.

12/26/21 01:52 PM #9708    


Dick Kincaid

Dick's wife (Mimi) called me to give me a little update as to the circumstances surrounding his passing and to thank his classmates for their prayers.  Mimi indicated that services will be  delayed until after the First of the year due to travel logistics within the family at this time.  This could change and she will keep us informed as details are worked out.  Mimi is staying with Jodi in Lincoln at this time and is doing as well as can be expected under the circumstances.  A question for our classmates;  Is a post funeral service 'celebration of Life' get together something you would attend.

12/26/21 05:21 PM #9709    


Sue Wise (Divan)

Thanks for the update, Dick!  I think a post funeral gathering in Dick's honor and memory would be very appropriate.  Our plan is to head south around 1/11 depending on my Mom's situation but plans can be changed.  We are having problems finding a caregiver for her.  Seems qualified people are few and far between these days.  Please continue to keep us informed.  Prayers go out to Mimi and the family.

12/27/21 11:16 AM #9710    


Sue Wise (Divan)

Nice article about Cindy's husband, Tony, in the Hub:

12/27/21 03:21 PM #9711    


Jerry Ohlmann

Hello Classmates . . .

Yesterday I received a text from Jodi Garrelts asking if I would post this to the message forum to thank everyone for their kindness.  (My family and I were out in Amherst/Riverdale yesterday for a family Christmas gathering so I wasn't able to post until now.)

"Dick's family would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of you for your kind words and condolences during this difficult time. We appreciate all of the caring thoughts and prayers and also all of the food. We want you to know that we read your messages to him before he passed and we know he heard them. Thank you for the good times. It means the world to us to know that you loved Dick as much as we did. We will set a date for the Celebration of Life soon. Much love, Mimi, Jodi, and Rick and Alyssa."


12/27/21 05:27 PM #9712    


Carol Dennis (Bullock)

Thank you Ron for your birthday wishes!  It was lots of fun around here watching our great grandsons with their big toy haul they had and going out in the 70 degree day and having fun with them.  My daughter outdid herself with my "70" party complete with decorations, cake and some great singing of "Happy Birthday".

My prayers of comfort and peace for Dick's family and my heart goes out to them for their loss.  Dick was and always will be the best at getting our class reunited in spirit for the Rowdies and lifting our spirits just from reading his wonderful posts here on the forum.  I will always remember his sense of humor and kindness in joining others to  the "minis" he  attended when we "out of towners" showed up to Kearney.  I feel that we all will remember him with big smiles! 


12/27/21 10:38 PM #9713    


Ron Smith

Carol was so right with her post about Dick. I scrolled back a few years reading Dick's writings on the forum. They made me laugh and smile. What a wit and gift with words and humor he had. I think a lot of us looked forward to what he had to say. There is another that we shouldn't forget  and that is Wiener Dog. I was always jealous of Wiener Dog because Dick & Mimi fed him or her like a king or queen  eating ribeye and new york steaks while I had spam and day old bread and canned beans.

12/28/21 08:02 AM #9714    


Cindy Wilson (Rasmussen)

Carol and Ron,  both of your posts were spot on.  We wouldn't have all gotten together and reacquainted and made new friends if Dick hadn't started the minis.  I was so glad he could make it to the reunion I know it wasn't easy for him but that is just the guy he was.   Dick will definitely be missed by all.  We can't forget he loved his hugs ๐Ÿ™‚.  We all have special memories with him. Oh and his Green Bananas.   Mimi and children you have my  heartfelt sympathy and prayers  


12/28/21 09:47 AM #9715    


Joann Stengel (Tumbleson)

I've attached a link to Dick's obituary. I still can't believe he's gone. Dick was one of the good guys and will be missed by all who knew him. I'm thankful for the time we had with him! I'm sure he and the weiner dog are having steak in heaven!

12/30/21 09:46 PM #9716    


Cindy Wilson (Rasmussen)

Congratulations Ron !!!   

12/31/21 05:12 AM #9717    


Marcene Niedt (Joy)

Happy Birthday Anna & Cindy


12/31/21 02:05 PM #9718    


Ron Smith

Happy birthday Anna !!!

01/01/22 12:21 PM #9719    

Chuck Salestrom

If anyone is interested, a live show recording of our Timberline 50th Reunion Tour has just been released at  It was a fun time for all of us.


01/01/22 09:29 PM #9720    


Gary Martin

Happy 2022 class!  We were very sorry to hear of Dick's passing.  Our prayers go out to Mimi and family. He was the heart and soul of our class and will be missed. He is, without doubt, with our Heavenly Father and at  peace.  Untill we meet again my friend๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

01/09/22 01:32 PM #9721    


Sue Wise (Divan)

 Congratulations to Ron!  He was honored yesterday for refereeing his 50th Amherst wrestling tournament!  I admire your love and dedication to the sport.  I've been lucky enough to watch Ron ref at several locations about 8 or 9 years ago.  He does a great job with the kids!  Congratulations Ron!

01/11/22 10:23 AM #9722    


Anna Sobotka (Schroeder)


              ENJOY YOUR DAY !!!!!!

01/11/22 03:19 PM #9723    


Danny Cavenee

Great Job Tiger you are now one of the Famous Kenwood kids !

01/13/22 05:57 PM #9724    


Sue Wise (Divan)

Danny is hosting a mini reunion to celebrate and remember Dick's life on Friday, January 21st at 7 pm at the shop, 10 East 25th St.  Bring your own drink and food!

01/13/22 09:01 PM #9725    


Marcene Niedt (Joy)

Would like to but we can't attend. Just got home from the hospital this afternoon. 
I was told that tomorrow & Saturday will be hard but will be better every day forward 

01/14/22 10:29 PM #9726    


Anna Sobotka (Schroeder)


    Get well soon,you're in my thoughts and prayers !!


01/15/22 12:15 PM #9727    


Marcene Niedt (Joy)

Thank you for the get well wishes. Yesterday didn't hardly nap. My knee me extremely early this morning. I had George get me a pain pill. So I've actually been sleeping, finally awake & it's already the afternoon. I really should change into some day clothes. Thank you again.

01/20/22 10:43 AM #9728    


Julie Hunt (Schmidt)

Just throwing this out there, if any gals are interested in meeting for supper and visiting prior to the "mini" honoring our friend and classmate, DICK.. meet at The Lodge Restaurant.. hope to see you then.. oops 5:30

01/22/22 03:46 PM #9729    


Joann Stengel (Tumbleson)

Thanks to Dan for hosting the mini Friday night to honor Dick! It was nice to see so many come together to remember Dick. I believe everyone who attended appreciated the gesture! What a special tribute created by Brownie as well as special toast made by Schick.
Dick's memorial today was a touching tribute to a special person that we got to call friend.
RIP Dick, until we meet again!

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