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04/30/21 09:59 PM #9543    


Gary Martin


Sue - The check is in the mail for the reunion. We just made our flight and car reservations a couple days back.  Looking forward to a good turnout for the 50+1.

Summer finally arrived in the desert today...98 degrees and the triple digits sometime next week. As soon as the pool hits 80 (this weekend), it will be official:)

Happy belated birthday to Rhonda K!!!

05/04/21 12:54 PM #9544    


Sue Wise (Divan)

If you registered for the reunion last year, you will still need to register for this year's reunion!  Use the 50+1 link on the left side of the page.  If you have scrapbooks or old memorabilia you would like to share, we will have a table you can leave them on for the evening and people can reminisce about the good old days.   We hope to see lots of you back in Kearney in August.

05/08/21 01:48 PM #9545    


Ron Smith

Condolences to Cindy and Jerry Foote on the passing of her father Bob Hauver Sr. Bob was a 3 sport star at Kearney State earning 4 letters in both football and track as well as 3 letters in basketball. He coached cross country and track from 1959-1988 as well as wrestling at KSC and was a long time teacher.  He was also inducted into several halls of fame.I got to know Bob a little better when he was a volunteer assistant wrestling coach at Elm Creek and I was reffing.

He also served during World War II from 1943-1949. 

05/09/21 10:54 AM #9546    


Anna Sobotka (Schroeder)


05/11/21 09:34 PM #9547    


Leanna Fritz

A Zion classmate passed away on Sunday. Also a 1970 grad. Carol Petersen Franzen, who has a brother Craig, also in our class. I think there were only seven of us in that class: Craig and Carol, Norman Heiden, Jerry O, Danny B, Karolyn and me. So we had many very good hours  together. Carol was a very sweet young girl, always with a smile no matter what. They lived down the block from Zion, and we would sometimes pick them up for school. I had no idea she lived in Kearney all of these years, and worked at the hospital. I have thought about her over the years, and just wanted to acknowledge her passing.

05/14/21 10:51 PM #9548    


Anna Sobotka (Schroeder)

   Leanna   thanks for the info on Carol ( I didn't relize she went to Zion ) Carol was in alot of my classes in jr. high. She was always a cheerful person in our classes.

    I'm looking forward to seeing you at the class reunion !!!!


05/16/21 11:51 AM #9549    


Leanna Fritz

Me too Anna!  It’s just around the corner now, and we know how fast time goes. Hopefully we will all enjoy summer first, and get rested up for the end of August! 

05/20/21 07:53 AM #9550    


Jerry Ohlmann

Leanna, thanks for the post about Carol Peterson's passing.  Over the last few months I was thinking about our Zion classmates and wondered whatever happened to Craig and Carol.  I remember Carol being quite athletic in grade school and gave the boys some competition. I hope Craig comes to the reunion.

05/22/21 06:46 PM #9551    


Ron Smith

Are you on your honeymoon Marcene?

05/25/21 10:31 AM #9552    


Frank Schickedanz

To All  -  Sorry I haven't been on the Posting side of the Forum  -  I've been reading and watching it all from afar and just have not had drive to write something down.  I have had alot of things happen that I wanted to share but for some reason I just didn't and I have always enjoyed participating in the Forum. That being said  -  Congrats to Marcene on your Wedding  -  Condolences to the Peterson Family  -  Carol was a very Nice Girl.  I spoke to Dan Blanton and he was talking about the Group of you guys at Zion  -  must have been fun growing up in that Hood.  

We got our pool running but they had to plumb around the heater because there are no replacement parts for that equipment  -  it'll just have to wait until the Sun does the heating  -  fortunately and unfortunately we've had so much rain that the the temperature is not moving very much without the Sunshine.  We also went skiing in Colorado in March  -  i fell for the 1st time in forever and jacked my shoulder up  -  the hardest part was standing up  -  I didn't know how so I had to take my skis off and crawl up to stand up (pulling a muscle in my back) and step back into my skis -  I can make a longer story of this but I'm OK  -  just dealing with the shoulder and  "this too will pass".  Just so you know  -  I may be unable to attend the Reunion because Dane's Wife is supposed to give birth on August 15th and if it later than that by 6 or 7 days I will have to miss.  And  "OH BY THE WAY"  -  there is going to be  2  (Yes I Said TWO) Grandbabies  -  and it's not because Haley is having twins  -  YES  -  that's right  -  Aaron's Wife is expecting the end of October.  Carol has been waiting for almost 5 years since Aaron & Jenna got married to be a Grandmother and now she is going to have 2 within a couple of months of each other.  Well  -  now you are caught up on the lives of the Frank Schickedanz Family  -  I'll try to be better about posting.  Talk to you later.

FLS  (Schick)    

05/25/21 10:53 AM #9553    


Anna Sobotka (Schroeder)

Frank  it was great to hear from you !!!  Glad you're feeling better !!! CONGRATS on the grand babies !!!!!




05/28/21 09:25 AM #9554    


Marcene Niedt (Niedt)

Happy birthday Lisa

06/02/21 08:48 AM #9555    


Frank Schickedanz

Anna  -  Thank You  -  Carol is ecstatic over it as well as I am.  We'll find out the Gender of Aaron & Jennas's this weekend.  

We went to Oklahoma this past weekend for Memorial Day  -  I still have two Aunts up there  -  One is 88 and the other is 93  -  Great long lives for both of them.  I played Tapps on my Bugle at 3:00 on Memorial Day  -  I'm not so good at it but I gave it my best  -  I'll practice a little more next year.  We are finally drying out a little bit  -  we've had quite a lot of rain (and FRANKly  -  I'm getting kind of tired of it  -  but as they say "Be careful what you ask for").  Better go to work  -  I still have a job.  Talk to you later.

FLS  (Schick)

06/03/21 06:05 AM #9556    


Joann Stengel (Tumbleson)

From reading the forum, it looks like everyone is busy.
I was sorry to read Carol Peterson had passed away. She was a sweet and genuine person. I saw Craig when we first moved to Lincoln. He was with the State Patrol at that time, with my husband just joining the patrol. Craig left the patrol shortly after that.
Congratulations to Marcene! I hope you and your new hubby will be happy.
Congratulations also to Schick and Carol. I can tell you being a grandparent is the best. I'm currently my oldest grandson's "beck N call" grandma since you know when you retire you don't have anything to do! 😅 I love it though that he thinks enough of me to call me!
How is Mrs Cavanee doing? We've been wondering but hate to call and disturb her in case she's resting.

06/03/21 09:09 AM #9557    


Marcene Niedt (Niedt)


We had a wonderful wedding even moving to Holdrege has been easier than we thought. 
still getting organized but that's to be expected!!  Lol

it doesn't seem long to drive to Kearney except the gas prices don't make up.The house is small but cheaper than Kearney.  See you all in August 



06/04/21 05:57 PM #9558    


Kathy Loschen

Just curious if there is something planned where we can get together to watch the Huskers play on Saturday during the reunion weekend; and, of course, watch Leanna run around the tree after all of our scores?

06/04/21 10:53 PM #9559    


Sue Wise (Divan)

Congratulations on the two grandchildren Frank and Carol!  I hope we get to see you at the reunion but will certainly understand if it doesn't happen!  Hope you are feeling better and your shoulder is healing!

I saw Deb and Dan at Menard's garden center several weeks ago Deb looked good.  Still recovering but getting stronger all the time.

No Husker game plans at this time Kathy!  I've been too busy to pay much attention to football right now so have no idea what time the game is.   I'm honestly missing lockdown where my time was all my own!  How sad is that?  I just sent reunion registration letters out to those who haven't registered yet!  We still have "missing classmates" so check the link on the left and let me know if you have information!  Does anyone have contact information for Andy Rumbaugh?  I was contacted by someone looking for him and would like to forward the information to him via email or phone call.  I do have an address so can print the message and mail it to him.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in August!

06/08/21 05:24 AM #9560    


Marcene Niedt (Niedt)

Happy birthday Debbie

06/12/21 09:09 AM #9561    


Marcene Niedt (Niedt)

Pam & Joe , happy birthday..🎉🎈 

06/12/21 01:51 PM #9562    


Ron Smith

Happy birthday today to Pam Lashley and Joe.Also.Marcene tomorrow.

06/13/21 01:30 PM #9563    


Marcene Niedt (Niedt)

A couple took George & I out to lunch after church today.Thank you for your birthday wishes.




06/14/21 06:23 AM #9564    


Joann Stengel (Tumbleson)

Just returned from a trip to North Carolina and Virginia. We were very disappointed in Ashville, NC. If it weren't for Biltmore it would have nothing to offer. They have defunded the police so crime is up there, big surprise huh? Headed to Galax, VA, to visit a classmate of Mike's. He lives in Fries. That was an eye opener. Fries used to have a mill that supported the town. When it closed so did the jobs. Fries is now mostly retired people on social security. So glad to be back in Nebraska. No place like our state!

06/14/21 11:57 AM #9565    


Marcene Niedt (Niedt)

After church we went out for lunch. Busy all afternoon & since it was too hot to grill, we popcorn & cake & ice cresm

Happy birthday to you.



06/17/21 08:55 AM #9566    


Anna Sobotka (Schroeder)

     OMG  it's going to be another HOT one in Kearney today !!!!  Three of my neighbors have above ground swimming pools (I sure wish I had one!!!)    Have a good day and stay COOL

06/17/21 02:28 PM #9567    


Sue Wise (Divan)

It is a hot one today!  I hate the heat and can't wait for the cool down to get here!  I always wanted a swimming pool in the backyard but John said no!  Guess I'll go downstairs and do some quilting to stay cool!

Reunion registrations are at 60 for Friday night and 59 for Saturday night, 42 each night are classmates!  Remember to get registered using the 50+1 Reunion link on the left.  We need a final count by August 1st! 
If you're not sure whether you've registered, go to classmate profiles and check the legend for the symbol next to attending Meet and Greet, then look at your name to see if the symbol is there.  If not, get registered.  If you want to quickly see who has registered, click on one of the reunion activities and it will sort and give you the list.

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