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08/28/21 09:50 AM #9625    


Sue Wise (Divan)

Joann-would you delete and resubmit please?  There are many duplicates and we are out of room for photos.  This morning I saved all of our 40th Reunion photos to a flash drive and deleted them from the website so we have room for the pictures this weekend.  I think I will do the same for most of the mini reunion photos.  The other option is to subscribe to a paid subscription for $165 a year and I don't think we need to do that at our age.  Sad but true!  What a great time last night seeing everyone again!  Sseveral first timers or hadnt been to a reunion since the 10th.  Looking forward to tonight too!  Dan and Deb have invited everyone out to their house after we're finished at the Holiday Inn!  Enjoy your day today and we will see you tonight!

08/28/21 11:10 AM #9626    


Dick Garrelts

Great Reunion!  Looking forward to tonight's festivities. So many more people to see (and pinch) that I didn't get a chance to last night. 




08/28/21 11:27 AM #9627    


Joann Stengel (Tumbleson)

Ok Susie this senior citizen learned how to delete pictures. Sorry! I promise to do better! ?

Dick, Mike carried your birthday cake around and will regift to you tonight! πŸŽ‚

08/29/21 10:57 AM #9628    


Dick Garrelts

What a successful reunion!!  Kudos to the Committee!  Special thanks to Cindy, Susie, Danny and Deb who went the extra mile to make both nights extra special.

What a privilege to "meet" some old friends again we haven't seen in many years, and to make the acquaintance of more spouses. 

Good to see the 69ers who have become part of our family; JD, Bix, Brownie, Footie, and Painer.

We missed those who couldn't make the trip, and sadly, a few more classmates were added to our prayer list. You all remain in our thoughts and prayers.

Again, if anyone is ever in town please let us know. We can have a mini going in short order with just a few phone calls. You'll be glad you did.

Thank you all for coming. If you travel, travel safely.
You won't need GPS on I-80. Just follow the cones. 



looking forward to more pictures 

08/29/21 01:16 PM #9629    

Bob (Elliott)

Hey "Kids",

Congratulations on a wonderful 50+1 reunion!  Last weekend, I attended  my bride's (Kathy Mears Elliott) similar gathering in Ogallala.  Gosh, that was so much fun and I truly enjoyed being ignored by everyone.

The class of 1970 saved the Rowdy Section and made it part of KHS history forever.  Thank you! 

Bob (Mole) Elliott

KHS 1969

08/29/21 02:26 PM #9630    


Joann Stengel (Tumbleson)

My thoughts echo Dick's.  Thanks to everyone on the committee for all your hard work and making the reunion such a special time.  Laughs and memories were in order for the weekend!

Thanks to Deb and Dan for opening their home as well.  

I hope everyone who traveled made it home okay!  

I tried resubmitting the photos I took but they are still sideways so I deleted.  Not sure what I'm doing wrong but this system has me beat on figuring it out.  Probably can't teach an old dog new tricks after all!


08/29/21 02:48 PM #9631    


Sue Wise (Divan)

Joann, I think there's an edit function for each photo and you can rotate them individually.  Go ahead and load them and I'll check tonight and see if I can edit them for you!

It was a great weekend.  I enjoyed talking to so many of you but one of my favorite parts was standing back and watching everyone interact with each other, whether you were close friends back then or barely knew each other we will always have the bond of being part of the Class of 1970!  Wishing you all safe travels home or to your next destination!  Remember to keep your address up to date on the website because we will need it for the next reunion.   Thanks to all of you who help find people and send me addresses to try.  It takes all of us to find some of us!  Again, thanks to the committee, Dan, Cindy, Dick G., Dick K, Vicki B, Ron and all the others who came to meetings and helped with the planning.  Thanks also to Deb and Dan for opening up your home to all of us!  
I'm looking forward to seeing all the pictures.  To download pictures, click on "50+1 Reunion Photos" on the left, select one of the galleries and follow the directions.  Be patient as it sometimes takes awhile for them to load.  As always, click on Contact Us on the left if you have problems and one of the admins will assist you.  Or if you want to email photos to me, I will load them for you.  My address is

Prayers go out to Sheri Eatherton who broke her leg last week and is on bed rest until she's able to have surgery.  We missed you Sheri!

08/29/21 04:54 PM #9632    


Cindy Walters (Castillo)

Susie said it all! I was going through our list, and I think I had a face to face conversation with everyone attending. (Which for those that know me / that is way out of my comfort zone). The best part for me, also, was standing back and watch the moving around of everyone. Larry Kay said it best - "We've all grown up!" 
A special thanks to Susie for all she does to keep this website up and functioning. She is AMAZING.

08/29/21 05:48 PM #9633    


Joann Stengel (Tumbleson)

Ok Sue I have uploaded the photos again. Sorry to be such a pain!
So glad to see our "adopted" classmates there too (class of '69 guys).
When is our next get together? Give me some time to recoup and I'll be ready to get together again!

08/30/21 07:57 AM #9634    


Jerry Ohlmann

What a great 50th reunion!  The planning committee did an outstanding job!.  Great venue, great food and a good turnout.  I just wish it was longer as I didn't get a chance to visit with everyone.  I'm already looking forward to our next one.

Susie, I have one question on posting the reunion photos. Mrs. Ohlmann has finished editing all her photos . . . removing wrinkles and excess pounds. She has about 180 photos to post.  Will there be a problem with loading that many?

08/30/21 02:30 PM #9635    


Frank Schickedanz

WELL  -  WELL  -  WELL   -  I cannot say any more than what has already been said as far as complimenting the Planning Commitee  -  Just a Great Big Texas Sized "THANK YOU" from all of us.  We appreciate all the time & effort that each and everyone put forth.  I can't say I know what you did because I Don't Know  but what I do know about is the Great Time that was had by all.  Thanks Again  -  lookiing forward to the next events.  . 

FLS  (Schick)

08/30/21 11:39 PM #9636    


Sue Wise (Divan)

Jerry- I think I've loaded all the photos Karen sent me and we still have room for more!  When she emailed them it automatically reduced the size so it didn't take long to get them uploaded to the site!  I hope I got them all. Thanks to everyone who took pictures!

08/31/21 10:07 AM #9637    


Jerry Ohlmann

I just finished looking at all the pics. Wow . . . all good.  Unfortunately my personal photographer neglected to get a group classmate picture. I guess just a good reason to have another reunion.  There was one pic of Mrs Ohlmann with a "bunch of the boys".   Looks like she was having just little too much fun!

08/31/21 05:03 PM #9638    


Gary Martin

Very good pictures from the reunion, almost like being there. Thanks to the folks who took them and posted them.  I have to admit that I have a favorite..."26 of 41" in the Friday night album. It really made me laugh:) Julie, I don't know what subject was being discussed, but I applaude your healthy attitude towards whatever it was πŸ‘

08/31/21 08:14 PM #9639    


Sue Wise (Divan)

It is a good one Gary but she specifically said not to post that one.  It was too good not to include it though!  We really had a great time!  Sorry you guys missed it!  I am still tired...midnight two nights in a row is pretty late for this old gal!  More pictures have been loaded!  Enjoy!

09/01/21 06:40 AM #9640    


Joann Stengel (Tumbleson)

Do we need to buy the book to hear the story behind the story of picture 26? πŸ€£πŸ˜…πŸ€£

09/04/21 11:20 AM #9641    


Marcene Niedt (Joy)

I got ick on & Monday. I went to dr on Friday. Said that I had the beginnings of pneumonia. Went back today as requested. I told him how I felt like. He said they were due to $79 of meds. He put me on and another & also otc. My husband said that he had a good time. I'm not accustomed to staying up that late.  Have a great weekend 


09/04/21 01:44 PM #9642    


Bob Morris



Should have called me Dr. Bob with the for the best

The cure all for what you had the

cure-all for what you have is 2 shots of Jack Daniels with a little honey

And all will be healed  by the way a handle of JD costs about $40.

Hope you feel better 

By the way I'm trying the cure myself if you haven't noticed

09/07/21 07:49 AM #9643    


Marcene Niedt (Joy)

I almost have my voice back. Boy it's a bummer when you can't talk & only squeak. (Or sing)Thank you for the Rx. It would have been cheaper but I probably wouldn't keep it down. Cuz it would have come right out, one way or another.  Lol Now my husband sounds kinda sickly. I wanted to share!!  A girl friend from 50+ years ago is stopping on her way to Colorado. Have to be well that's for sure. Trying to get meals is interesting. George had to make PB&J a few times & frozen pizza stop at Subway or Dairy Queen. Well, at least the house is not cluttered. We really enjoyed the reunion. See you, when I see ya

09/07/21 08:06 PM #9644    


Jana Weed (Green)

I just had a chance to view the pictures from the reunion.  What an amazing group of people that look fantastic!! 

I really regret not being able to attend. I was in CA the past two months nursing my daughter who contracted the Delta virus. She's in the .04% of vaccinated people that are considered long haulers. Had she not been vaccinated we would have lost her.  She's still recovering, but now able to care for herself and her son, although she isn't yet able to work.  Damn virus.

Stay well everyone!!


09/08/21 09:42 AM #9645    


Marcene Niedt (Joy)

Happy birthday to previous birthday celebrators. I've been down & getting strength back. It took a tool. Today I get my Annual Medicare wellness check. Next is mammo.  Have a great week.

09/11/21 08:18 AM #9646    


Joann Stengel (Tumbleson)

We've been watching the 9/11 remembrances on TV this morning. Still brings tears to my eyes 20 years later. Even more so because of where we are at with the recent events in Afghanistan as well as the 13 military members who lost their lives are now arriving home for burial. May their families and those close to them find comfort.

May we never forget. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

09/15/21 11:09 AM #9647    


Marcene Niedt (Joy)

Happy birthday to you.

09/17/21 07:54 PM #9648    


Kathi Geiser (Wright)

Hey Omaha guys, 

Barb Seerley sold her home and is moving to an apartment.  Sounds to me like she could use some nice folks to show up and assist a bit.. sure wish I was closer...

09/21/21 08:46 AM #9649    


Anna Sobotka (Schroeder)


           Have a awesome day !!!!

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