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09/09/18 10:18 AM #8057    


Kathi Geiser (Wright)

Yes, Leanna, I really laughed especially since both my mom and sister GAVE ME THE SAME CARD at various times.  What does that say?  I'll take input from my classmates.  Lol


Colorado lucked out yesterday and I won some money!  It was a thriller I thought.



09/09/18 10:56 AM #8058    


Dick Garrelts

Kathi,  Flannel works too, but you already knew that.  If you want to see "do me" apparel, check out Danny's Sturgis photos.  We used to call clothes "threads". These gals are actually wearing threads!

Danny,  Is that you on the ground under the whip (so to speak) or are you the guy passing out One Dollar bills?

Frost could have tried to run out the clock at the end, but decided to play the game. Good on him!  And yes, KPS wants to raise my taxes!


09/09/18 04:19 PM #8059    

Sharon Abbott (Foster)

KHS1970, wanted to request the class to give a shout out to my Aunt Barbara, as it Will be a yr., that my cousin Denis Seerley passed come Monday the 10th, and his bday would have been 9/17. Address is 6111 S. 77th St. Omaha, NE 68127 or a call 402-399-8215.Thanks Sharon Abbott Foster

09/09/18 04:28 PM #8060    

Sharon Abbott (Foster)

Also, we learned Claytons wife Patty has been given a clean bill of health since her heart attack a year ago while attending Denis's celebration of life. Again he thanks you all for your kindness and support during those trying times. God's blessings to all. Sharon Abbott Foster

09/10/18 12:43 PM #8061    


Danny Cavenee

Dick G.if you look very close at one of the photos you may find Waldo aka DC ?

09/10/18 05:13 PM #8062    


Dick Garrelts

I wasn't looking for Waldo.






09/10/18 09:07 PM #8063    


Dick Garrelts

Thanks for the reminder, Sharon. 

Barb is still one remarkable "Class Mom" to those of us who had the opportunity to reconnect, or to become acquainted for the first time.     She is doing quite well, all considered, and very appreciative of the calls and kind remembrances she received today.

09/11/18 08:20 AM #8064    


Danny Cavenee

Let us not forget 911 .

09/11/18 09:21 PM #8065    


Dick Garrelts

91182        51 hits since yesterday.

The tally was 91170 at 7:00

Coincidence ?  I think not. 

It's also 70*

I should have posted this 10 minutes ago at 9:11

09/11/18 09:23 PM #8066    


Dick Garrelts

Also remember the Troops.

You sleep well tonight because GWB took the war to the enemy.

09/11/18 09:24 PM #8067    


Dick Garrelts

3 more posts to get the 8070





09/11/18 11:57 PM #8068    


Cindy Wilson (Rasmussen)

Haven’t been on for awhile.  Good game, I noticed they looked a lot bigger just coming through the gate. 

09/11/18 11:58 PM #8069    


Cindy Wilson (Rasmussen)

Can’t believe no one is going for the “70”


09/12/18 12:00 AM #8070    


Cindy Wilson (Rasmussen)

What did everyone think of the tunnel walk?  Was a lot better than first week.  Guess you snooze you lose the “70”.  

09/12/18 06:52 AM #8071    


Sheri Stickney (Eatherton)

I wanted the “70” but can’t stay awake that late 😂❗ī¸

09/12/18 03:21 PM #8072    


Cindy Wilson (Rasmussen)

I’m sorry Sheri ☚ī¸  I kept thinking someone would jump in before my posts went through. Resigning myself from the next one.  Just going to lurk for awhile 😂

09/12/18 08:49 PM #8073    


Dick Garrelts

You can't just lurk, Cindy !!   What would happen if everybody Lurked ?  We'll never catch up with the 69ers.

91224 = 41 hits today.  See?  38 were Lurkers!


Watched the Colorado / Hukster rerun on ESPN today ( part of it anyway. It was nap time )  Outcome was the same. You'd think they'd learn from their mistakes.


09/12/18 08:58 PM #8074    


Dick Garrelts

Sheri,   Does this mean an "All-Nighter mini" is out of the question?  It has been suggested.

An "Afternoon mini" probably wouldn't work for me.  Unless, maybe everybody could bring their little rug, and we'll have nap time after our Graham Crackers and milk.

09/13/18 10:32 AM #8075    


Sheri Stickney (Eatherton)

That’s ok, Cindy - I was asleep even before Dick’s 9:20 post 😂❗ī¸I think an overnite mini would be great as long as my snoring doesn’t bother anybody 😴. BYOB = “bring your own blankie” đŸ¤Ŗ ❗ī¸

09/13/18 06:12 PM #8076    


Anna Sobotka (Schroeder)

I guess I've lurked long enough !!!!  Dick I didn't count the fogs-I just feel in my bones it's going to be a nasty winter!!!!!

I've been working on fall projects to be ready just in case?!?!

I hope everyone is doing well and taking time to enjoy life!!!


09/13/18 11:28 PM #8077    


Dick Garrelts

Anna,  I didn't count fogs either.  We'll have to watch the wooly worms and see how tight the shucks are on the ear.  NOAA might do better if they would pay attention to this stuff - and save a few Billion on satellites in the process!

Fall projects?  Does that mean hanging Christmas lights?  Schick ain't gonna wanna hear that!


91,277          53 hits for the girls!

09/14/18 05:30 PM #8078    


Anna Sobotka (Schroeder)

Dick- I must have too much time on my hands !!!! I'm doing lights and a display for Halloween. Hopefully it will keep me from putting up those December lights way too early !!!!!!

09/16/18 05:13 PM #8079    


Dick Garrelts

Too bad Leanna didn't get to run the Victory Lap - again.  What's more, I can't believe nobody invited me to their Hukster party - again.

Wiener Dog watched the game with me (sort of) - again. We snoozed off and on, and had Ribeye steaks. He likes Ribeyes.

Here's my take;  You can bet there's a quarterback out there somewhere who thinks he made a mistake!

We gotta work on the penalties game, and it wouldn't hurt to catch an occasional touchdown pass. My advice to Coach;  Get more SEALS !!

Next game we'll probably be serving goose eggs.


91,383   106 hits, Anna    Happy Halloween!

09/17/18 05:56 AM #8080    


Danny Cavenee

Yes Dick G. the Huskers made some  mistakes  . I think Andrew Bunch is doing a good job .

09/18/18 07:24 AM #8081    


Anna Sobotka (Schroeder)

                     ENJOY YOUR DAY

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