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11/15/18 10:33 AM #8305    


Vicki Bissell

Thanks Dick for telling me about the photo's.  I think Riverdale went K-6 about 1969.

11/15/18 10:49 AM #8306    


Joe Mettenbrink

Dick-thanks for asking-got my car back-from impound lot-in running order & the keys-only thing missing was the bumper jack & battery cables near as I know. Dad had a couple service Korean War medals (was a Corporal) & one for bravery under fire but not sure which one-not the MOH but endured alot of fire and sent alot to both N.Korean's & Chinese (artillery unit) & all no doubt-think Sally has his medal(s) not sure. She is doing ok recovering from surgery for an above the eye cyst-non cancerous-TG! Everyone have a good holiday with family coming up soon; I don't plan to come down-maybe around Christmas to GI & Cozad (thur Kearney)-will see weather wise & all-later!

11/15/18 05:08 PM #8307    


Danny Cavenee

I was able to stay in touch with Eddy Florang . I did some work for him over the years . If my memory service me correctly Eddy was a hell of a high jumper .

11/15/18 05:12 PM #8308    


Danny Cavenee

Cindy W.R. My top picks for The Voice Reagan,Chevel, Dave,Chris and Tyke. What do you think ?

11/15/18 06:06 PM #8309    


Cindy Wilson (Rasmussen)

Danny my top 5 are  Tyke,Reagen,Chavel,Chris, Sarah Grace.    But think Dave has a good chance to win.  I picked Sarah G because she is so darn cute 😂 but think too young.  

11/15/18 06:59 PM #8310    


Dick Kincaid

Now that the Mid-term elections are basically over it's time for a Class of 70 political history question.   Who was the only Presidential candidate to address us in an assembly at KHS during his run for the 1968 nomination (Republican Party)?  He also holds a unique distinction in politics.  You can get bonus points if you can name the cowboy from Nebraska that threw his name in the ring later (1976 ?).

11/15/18 10:55 PM #8311    


Dick Garrelts

I probably skipped that assembly, but I did see Bobby at his whistle stop in Kearney. 

The Mid-terms aren't over yet.  Hanging chads are still being counted.

If people want "non residents" eligible to vote, why not the Russians? Just  a thought.


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11/15/18 10:56 PM #8312    


Dick Garrelts

My top five picks are Hank, Lefty, Slim, Buck, Merle, and Earl.

But not necessarily in that order.

11/15/18 11:02 PM #8313    


Dick Garrelts

If anybody hasn't got their deer yet, you're welcome to shoot these vermin on my place.  They're like rats. They damage and contaminate far more than they eat.  Big rats.  I don't know how anybody raises corn along the river where they're overrun by those big friggin rats.

Trivia question;  How many of you had one as a hood ornament?

11/16/18 09:47 AM #8314    


Dick Kincaid

Okay, We probably failed to pay attention in that assembly due to our undying support for the GOP front runner Richard Milhouse Nixon.   The answers are Harold Stassen and Americus Liberator.  Those that still doubt me can look them up.  They are both colorful  if nothing else.   I can claim four deer in fifty years without a shot being fired.  Another political question of sorts:  Which former KHS teacher later became the unofficial first lady of Minden?

11/16/18 11:30 AM #8315    


Holly Heacock (Reiter)



Ron - I am thinking Dick went to Whittier.  And yes, their house was huge and I loved hanging out there. Vicki’s bedroom was larger than our living room. Interesting to know he lives in Sacramento. 

And yes David and  Brian were my second cousins but we weren’t close at all. Their dad and my dad Bill were cousins. My dad was killed in an airplane crash when I was 6 months old so we had some contact with the Heacock’s but not often.  I had forgotten their mom was a teacher.

Dick - Dan went to District 110 until he came to Jr High.  Never went to Pleasant Hill.  I also remember seeing Kennedy at his stop in Kearney, it was a big deal.  

Joe - Glad to hear you have your car back!


11/16/18 10:28 PM #8316    


Dick Garrelts

We're closing the gap, Folks.  The 69ers are still stuck on Post 8713 as of November 6.  We are at 8316.  Only 397 difference.  Keep posting. 

At some point Brownie is going to get them motivated again.  You know how 69ers hate to lose to the 70s ... 

Remember when we beat them during Color Week?


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11/16/18 10:35 PM #8317    


Dick Garrelts

Yes, the whistle stop was a big deal, Holly. There was a crowd all around. At the time I thought it was kind of rude of the protesters waving signs.  Now it seems pretty mild after watching all those Peace Riots on TV.




396 Posts to catch the 69ers

11/16/18 10:40 PM #8318    


Dick Garrelts

Dick,  Were those deer hit with a County Pickup ? 

Then Hukster football isn't the only reason my taxes keep going up.


Trivia question;  Which Classmate had a horse INSIDE of his car ?


We need 395 more 

We'll even count Schick's Post, if he can catch a break from "work".

11/17/18 09:59 AM #8319    


Dick Kincaid

West Coast Garrelts might get that claim to fame.  He might have received bonus points had the Indian been on it.  Your other questions  answer  is as follows; personal vehicle while on wedding trip, County Patrol car, County water truck  and County spray truck resulting in no damage to vehicles but I can't speak for the deer.  There might be more stories involving our classmates on their summer with the wheat crew.

11/17/18 04:34 PM #8320    


Frank Schickedanz

Dick G (#1)  -  I'm sort of with you on the Top 5 Picks  -  Merle, Willie, George, Mick (J) & Paul (M) - not necessarily in that order.

When we moved to Kearney in 1967 our house was not finished yet so we had to stay in a Motel for a few weeks (I think was called the Western Motel on Highway 30)  -  we got to eat out every meal and I can assure you that Bicos and Foots Cafe were visited quite frequently  -  We didn't have an Italian place in Canyon (we had just gotten our very 1st Pizza Inn before we moved).  There was a little Cafe on the Main Street in Kearney (I can't remember the name) - I think we had breakfast there every morning - they thought it was funny that we all had to have Peanut Butter for our Pancakes.  We thought it was really cool to get to eat at a restaurant every meal (meanwhile my Mom was a Great Cook but we didn't realize it at the time). 

I am on a plane to Atlanta  -  My Bosses Boss is taking me to the Cowboy / Falcon game tomorrow.  They have been doing some pretty cool thing for me for my last year with Hubbell.  We had a Regional Meeting in Nashville  2  weeks ago and I got to go to the Grand Ole Opry  -  1st time in Nashville  -  won't be my last  -  I told Carol after I got back that we need to go there together and spend a few days.  The Music was Absolutely Great  -  The History of Country Music -  really nice place.  We also had a  few  Beers.  They are telling me I have to put away my electronic devices  so I better go.  Talk to you later.  Go BRONCOS. 

FLS  (Schick) 

11/18/18 10:04 PM #8321    


Frank Schickedanz

So the COWBOYS   &  the BRONCOS won today.  I was at the COWBOYS Game  in Atlanta and I got to see most of the BRONCOS game  (and I know you will all be shocked at this)  in a Bar in the Atlanta Airport.  On top of that it looks like my Fantasy Team is going to win again (for the 4th time this season).   It will be a better week this week at the Schickedanz house.  Go BRONCOS.  Talk to you later. 

FLS  (Schick)

11/18/18 10:50 PM #8322    


Dick Garrelts

Frank,  I know we've discussed this before, but for the life of me I can't figure out why you would quit that kind of "work".

Good choices for the voices.  How about Conway ?



95,543     398 in 2 days.  That's 150 Lurkers /day.  I doubt we have that many voyeuristic Classmates.  Now that I think about it ... never mind.

11/18/18 11:11 PM #8323    


Dick Garrelts

How about those Huksters !!  Another Victory Lap for the Banana Kid !  At this rate you'll wear a path in the yard. 

The Huksters were behind by a Field Goal when I drifted off into blissful slumber.  Thought I'd get the snooze in and be ready for Half-Time Cream Chipped Beef on Toast (aka S.... on a Shingle in the Mess Hall)  Wiener Dog likes S.... gravy any way you fix it.  Imagine his disappointment when he woke me up in the 4th quarter and no S..., no Shingle, and no gravy!  Halloween is over, so no Snickers.  He's not good with disappointment. 

My advice to Coach;  Get a security upgrade for your house.  If you keep winning, your shoes will be worth stealing .... and you'll be at the game!

11/19/18 09:30 AM #8324    


Joe Mettenbrink

Good to see the Cowboys WIN-(Dick & Frank would be nice in person!) well as BIG RED-even if no touch-downs & cold annoying snow around them-defensive battle most the way & hope the next game is also a WIN-with a least one TG! Warming up here soon-finally again for awhile-later!

11/19/18 04:37 PM #8325    


Dick Kincaid

Has Charles Manson been replaced by Chris Watts as the new "Face of Evil'?  I listened to the family's impact statements and it was distressing to say the least.  The reality in a maximum security prison is that those that harm small children don't live long lives behind bars.  Not insane just wanted out of a marriage and family responsibilities.

11/20/18 09:30 AM #8326    


Joe Mettenbrink

Yes-very troubling and tragic indeed Dick-especially so close to TG Day & all-everyone have a blessed one-plan to be in the BIG O with friends this holiday & rest of year!

11/20/18 10:08 AM #8327    


Dick Garrelts

Starkweather was another of seared conscience.  We watched his paddy wagon pass through Odessa during recess. 

No doubt we'll see more of these things.  Nobody has the right to make you feel bad, and they don't give Participant Ribbons for real life.



95,692          up 149 hits

11/20/18 05:13 PM #8328    


Danny Cavenee

My young grandson asked me the other day how old I was I replied  I'm not sure ?   He said Grampa look at your underwear mine says I,m 4 to 6 .

11/20/18 11:42 PM #8329    


Cindy Wilson (Rasmussen)

Danny, Now that’s Funny 😄🤣🤣

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