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12/28/19 02:25 PM #9198    


Joann Stengel (Tumbleson)

This was posted on Mike Klein's caringbridge page today:



December 28, 2019


Journal entry by Vickie Klein — 1 hour ago

Mike’s condition continued to decline and they became concerned about a stroke.  CT scan this morning shows no stroke but new bleeding in the brain... at least that is something they can take care of!  He is in ICU and they are just keeping him calm. Because he has been on blood thinners he won't have surgery for a couple of days unless the bleeding increases. We are requesting no visitors as he needs to have rest and quiet in ICU. Prayers are appreciated. 


Please keep Mike and Vickie in your prayers!

12/28/19 05:17 PM #9199    


Dick Garrelts

Thanks for sharing, Joann.  Our prayers continue for Mike and Vickie. 

Also remember Cindy as she recovers, and Carole Sue, Emily and others in our fold you might not be aware of  ...  To know you are in others' thoughts and prayers speaks well of Classmates who have reconnected and truly care about each other.  I'm humbled, yet proud to be a 70!


Thanks for the green bananas, Leanna!    BTW, You have loyal friend.  Barbie won't eat my hamburger unless I can assure her it isn't Dorene.

12/28/19 07:42 PM #9200    


Sue Wise (Divan)

Thanks for the update on Mike.  We will keep he and Vickie in our prayers.  Also thinking of Ron Marrow in the loss of his sister Kay who attended Kenwood- KHS '72 with my sister Nancy!

12/28/19 11:27 PM #9201    


Ron Smith

Thanks too for the updates Joann on Mike.A true Kenwoodite.Unfortunately, my brother Doug lost his youngest daughter this morning at the age of 42.

12/29/19 09:45 AM #9202    


Dick Garrelts

A lot of my favorite people have December Birthdays. Happy Birthday to all.

Carol,    Only you can appreciate that wise men from the east bearing gold, frankincense, and myrrh probably said "This is for Birthday AND Christmas".


111,974       and only 798 posts to 10,000     Let's do it by August

12/29/19 11:27 AM #9203    


Dick Garrelts

Frank,   Apparently there's an unwritten rule you can't have "selective hearing" on a snow day.    Mimi said "finish off that Whitman Sampler so we can get rid of the box".  I heard that.   Now she has all these other little jobs ... I'm trying to convince her I can't hear while I'm digesting.  Any advice?

12/30/19 10:15 AM #9204    


Jerry Cummings

Update on Mike Klein from Vickie


Journal entry by Vickie Klein — 1 hour ago

Surgery is scheduled for 7:00 pm tonight although it could happen earlier.  We have been blessed with stable vital signs. The surgeon was so encouraging that this procedure will be successful and he will improve rapidly post op. I am at peace knowing he is in good hands, physically and spiritually, and expect this to be just a bump in the road. Psalm 62 says to trust God at all times. I am trusting in our Lord and Savior.


12/30/19 11:43 AM #9205    


Joann Stengel (Tumbleson)

Ron - so sorry for the loss of your niece.  42 is way to young!  

12/30/19 01:28 PM #9206    


Danny Cavenee

This sure  was a good old Nebraska storm !  Freezing rain four to six inches of snow and 30 to 40 mph winds. Does not get any better than that or does it Ohio State getting beat by Clemson OH YEA !!!

12/30/19 04:46 PM #9207    


Dick Garrelts

Make that 10-12 inches of snow, Danny. 

Frank,   If you go to the festivities in NYC for New Year's Eve, dress like Waldo so we can try to find you in the crowd.

Dave,    In response to your inquiry about #2 (post 9196)  He doesn't post. And just to make sure I don't post for him, he had me change his password. (seriously???)   He is planning to come to the Reunion.



12/30/19 06:51 PM #9208    


Sheri Stickney (Eatherton)

Ron, so sorry about your niece 😢🙏🏻.  Way too young.

12/31/19 11:58 AM #9209    


Ron Smith

Happy Birthday Anna !!! A great way to bring in the new year. A tall glass of prune juice is on my agenda for tonight.

12/31/19 07:00 PM #9210    


Anna Sobotka (Schroeder)

 Thanks for the birthday wish Ron !!!

My claim to fame is I was the last baby to be born at Good Sam in 1950.  Yep I'm so old I can fart dust !!!


      Happy New Year Class Of 1970

01/01/20 09:37 AM #9211    


Dick Garrelts

Anna, Happy Birthday.  You may be the first in our Class to turn 70!    Love that line. 





01/01/20 09:50 AM #9212    


Dick Garrelts

Happy New Year!   and welcome to a new decade.  I don't make resolutions, so never had to keep one.  For me, it's a matter of remembering the past and trying to continue on with lessons learned.   This year there are 3 things; 

I may be called deplorable for it, but I will cling to my Bible.   Period.

If you get invited to a Bixby fish fry, you for sure want to go.

In a burrito eating contest, put your money on Dick K.

Epstein and Christmas lights don't hang themselves.


Generally I don't make predictions either, but this I am pretty sure of; a Berkeley law professor will claim to have witnessed Trump burning down Sheryl's She Shed.

01/01/20 09:57 AM #9213    


Dick Garrelts

Somebody check the Bearcat schedule. We need a date for ROWDY Nite.  It's 50 years for our Class. Who'da thunk!

01/01/20 10:19 AM #9214    


Dick Garrelts

What do Anne Frank, Martin Luther King Jr, and Barbra Walters have in common?

If all were alive today they would be the same age. It seems they exist in totally different eras, but they were all born in 1929.  Perspective.

01/01/20 02:03 PM #9215    


Vicki Bissell

Ron, I'm so sorry to hear about your niece.  Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. 

01/02/20 12:43 PM #9216    


Danny Cavenee

It looks like the Last Basketball game for KHS is Saturday February 22  against  Gretna .

01/10/20 12:10 PM #9217    


Sue Wise (Divan)

Just getting caught up on all our news!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the great class of 1970!  Happy birthday to those I've missed!   I have been busy with my Mom as her health declines.  A hospital stay, two different doctors, a hospitalist, all telling her she has decisions to make!  I have spent almost everyday helping her get ready, taking her to appointments, touring different facilities, etc.  All things I have enjoyed doing and will never regret the amount of time spent and all the stories I've heard!  I think she has made a decision and will be moving soon where help is always readily available and meals are made for her!  It will be a huge downsize and change for her!  
Went to the Custer County Foundation Gala on 12/14 and had a great time!  Our daughter Lindsay is the director of CCF so we have gone the last five years to support her and always enjoy ourselves and the great people we have met there.  Lindsay's boyfriend proposed to her while she was getting dressed for the Gala which was exciting!  However, the video he shot is PG13 so we have not seen it!  She came to our motel room, announced they were engaged and immediately left to attend to last minute preparations!  So we're busy planning an August 1st wedding!  As I was dressing for the evening, I noticed I had a rash behind my ear and a few spots on my jawline that were red and irritated but didn't think much about it!  Turned out to be shingles!  Too much stress between Mom, Christmas, a special quilt I was doing for someone else to Christmas gift to their family resulted in a very mild case!  I've had just two flare-ups, both very mild!  Hopefully, it's done!

We were supposed to go to AZ January 3rd but have delayed our trip.  Hoping to leave in the next two weeks, maybe as early as next Friday but we will see.  Happy New Year everyone!  Don't forget to get registered for our 50th reunion!!

01/10/20 12:14 PM #9218    


Sue Wise (Divan)

Please keep Pam Chism Miller in your prayers!  Her Dad, Dick, passed away this morning in Omaha.  He moved there several years ago and lived with Pam!  He was a member of our church, Faith Methodist, and we received an email this morning!

01/10/20 06:15 PM #9219    


Ron Smith

Condolences to Pam and her family.

01/11/20 07:10 AM #9220    


Danny Cavenee

Good Morning Kearney Nebraska it is 1 degree outside this morning !  The wind chill is -16 have a great day stay inside  .just sayin 

01/11/20 11:43 AM #9221    


Kathi Geiser (Wright)

Brrrrr. It's cold here too, but that beats CO.

Going nowhere today!

01/16/20 06:39 PM #9222    


Anna Sobotka (Schroeder)

     KEEP Mike Klein and his family in your thoughts and prayers


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