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04/24/18 08:07 PM #7938    


Dick Garrelts

Danny, I do NOT concur. Never did! You should know that by now.

Sheri,  How's the sky Diving in Hawaii?  What's the cost of wine there?  I always wanted to go to a place where they have no word for "weather".  Looking forward to the pictures. And the halibut! 

Cindy WR,  Don't you have to narrow it down to just one?  If that's the case, I vote for Mundo Earwood.



04/24/18 10:01 PM #7939    


Cindy Wilson (Rasmussen)

Yes Dick they will end up with just one winner but they have narrowed it to 11 now.    All of us go for top five and just hope we have the winner in those.  

Mundo Earwood ???? 

04/25/18 06:10 AM #7940    


Danny Cavenee

Dilly Dilly Dick !

04/25/18 06:53 AM #7941    


Anna Sobotka (Schroeder)


I agree retirement is awesome (the only person I have to answer to is me) I'm busier now than when I worked- but it's a fun busy !!!!


04/25/18 09:15 PM #7942    


Dick Garrelts

Cindy WR,  Mundo was something of a local celebrity in South Texas.  He would have been our age, but he died.  That would explain why he's not on The Voice this season.  

Anna, Sheri,  Retirement is not in the plan for me - couldn't stand to be busier than I am now.  It is nice to not be obligated to be be someplace, on time, every day, ...  I do miss the paycheck!

Leanna,  I should know the cost of a glass of wine tomorrow.  If it's too much, I'll stick Ohlmann with the tab.


04/26/18 08:24 AM #7943    


Leanna Fritz

Dick- I would say go ahead and let Jerry O pick up the wine tab. That boy has a big birthday coming up, and I bet he’ll get lots of birthday money. Happy Birthday old Zion friend of mine!

One more thing I can say about the wine....if you’re on a street that intersects with Rodeo Drive, order water.

Rest assured, Barb isn’t talking.

04/30/18 12:08 PM #7944    


Danny Cavenee

Dilly Dilly Leanna !

04/30/18 05:44 PM #7945    


Leanna Fritz

So, Dick and I have now  both been officially “dilly dillied” by Danny. I know I’ve missed a few minis, but is this his version of silly silly, or willy nilly ?

04/30/18 05:47 PM #7946    


Leanna Fritz

Maybe I haven’t watched enough Bud Light Super Bowl ads......

04/30/18 09:28 PM #7947    


Gary Martin

Dilly Dilly Danny!

05/01/18 12:21 PM #7948    


Danny Cavenee

To the wine drinkers never present Spice Honey Wine to the King Bud Light Only. You may end up in the pit of misery !  Dilly Dilly

05/01/18 12:31 PM #7949    

Randy Brown

Triple D. “DDD”. Bra size ? Oh, Dilly, Dilly, Danny. Theme for the next class of ‘70 reunion?

The class of ‘69 is going with a “Bucket List” theme.

05/01/18 05:08 PM #7950    


Leanna Fritz

Way too much dilly dallying around for me.

05/02/18 12:37 PM #7951    


Danny Cavenee

  The Voice my top four Spensha , Brynn ,Jackie ,Jackie .

05/02/18 01:44 PM #7952    


Cindy Wilson (Rasmussen)

Danny,  my top 4 on The Voice are :  Brynn, Britton, Spensha, Rushun

05/03/18 08:28 AM #7953    


Frank Schickedanz

To All  -  I'm back - sorta  -  At age 66 I should be winding down but I'm getting busier.  A quick update  -  back in November I told my Company that I was leaving at the end of 2018.  They quit making me do Reports (except for Expense Reports) - they took most of my Distributor Accounts away  -  let me work more with Contractors (which I love more than anything that I do)  -  if I could continue doing exactly what I am presently doing  -  I might not go.  The problem is  -  I am not doing what the other guys are expected to do and are graded on  -  So there is no way they would let me do "exactly what I am presently doing" and keep my job.  What a shame.  Like I said earlier  -  I really am quite busy.  I actually started writing this Post  2  days ago and am just now getting to finish it.  The good side of being really really busy is that we are making Quota and that rolls into making Money. 

Leanna  -  You can send me a Private Message and tell me what you paid for that "Glass Of Wine"  and trust me  -  Your SECRET is safe with me.  Was it a glass of that Wine that Jesus turned from water to Wine ?  Was it the Best Glass Of Wine You Ever Drank

Dick  -  Glad you're back.  I on the other hand had better get back to work.  Talk to you later.

FLS  (Schick)


05/03/18 09:40 AM #7954    


Kathi Geiser (Wright)

Brynn and Britton have been my two for this season.  Leanna, Barb is so tickled about the whole wine secret.  We've had 3 day s of rain, my dogs need to go run at the dog park, and are driving me berserk.  The trees, bushes, yards are loving it.   Going to hear some blues Friday night in Greeley...always enjoy that.  Life's good in Loveland. 

05/08/18 10:06 AM #7955    


Anna Sobotka (Schroeder)

Yesterday I went to the Grandpa's Steak House auction. They had both parking lots full of items as well  as kitchen equipment.wood.light fixtures,and other large items inside for sale.

Anything that had Grandpa's logo on it went high and everthing else was cheap.  

There wasn't a very large crowd-mostly people just looking. It was fun to listen to people talk about the times they ate there and famous people who had eaten there.( Neil Diamond-Dolly Parton-Bob Devaney are just a few I heard)

They will bulldoze the building and house on Monday. 

I feel old-another Kearney landmark gone,so sad!!!!

What buildings do you remember being torn down in Kearney ?(Question of the day)


05/09/18 04:52 PM #7956    


Dick Garrelts

Don't get me started, Anna ....

Court House, Fort Kearney Hotel, Presbyterian Church, Midway Hotel, Longfellow, .... and all other landmarks of any beauty and local significance.  Instead we have the Archway and all those prosperous places receiving Tax Increment Financing.

Maybe the others would still be in business if they charged more for wine



P.S.    Just back from South West Texas.  Dry heat my @$$ !!!

05/10/18 09:44 AM #7957    


Kathi Geiser (Wright)

It's so beautiful in Loveland right now.

I'm headed to Lubbock TX to celebrate retirement of  the friend I shared 18 years of being directors of BGC,  and life with.

A change of scenery can be good...but from NOCO to West TX ?  

Brynn and Britton...I said it way back didn't I  Voice fans?


05/10/18 03:54 PM #7958    


Cindy Wilson (Rasmussen)

Kathi, They are the ones I want I am really leaning towards Brynn to win Britton runner up.  We will see Monday who makes the cut. 

05/12/18 01:21 PM #7959    


Frank Schickedanz

Kathi  -  I hope you don't get Blown Away  -  this week the wind is CrAzY  -  I was in Abilene Wednesday and Thursday and the wind blew the whole time.  It really is not like that ALL THE TIME  -  just part of the time.  I lived in Lubbock for 5 years and really enjoyed it.  Better go mow the lawn  -  talk to you later.

FLS  (Schick)

05/16/18 11:15 AM #7960    


Joe Mettenbrink

Happy birthday to all the May birthday's-especially Patty Barney (Engdahl) coming up. Sorry to hear that Grandpa's Steak House went under & was sold-good food & besides good place to celebrate & a great place to eat there but times change & seems like fast-food places get most the business-besides everything-especially gas going up too high! Planning a trip to Dallas with a good (blk) lady friend-most her daughters live there & always wanted (& not!) to see the place where Pres.JFK was killed-(many of us saw his also killed brother RFK here in April,1968 and met & heard his nephew RFK Jr. speak here in Omaha about "Water-keepers Alliance" at a local motel conference room here about 15 years ago! I Dallas also has a "new' Holocaust Museum & good art one nearby planning to see-this will be soon after Memorial Day.

In early June will do "my families-late Mom's side one in McCook, NE where most of her/our family are now & I plan to be buried (not rushing it-need to get plot first but at Riverview probably by Grt-Grandfolks & cousins & in fairly good health now!) Finally lovely warm weather now-take care & best wishes to all-later!

05/16/18 09:09 PM #7961    


Gary Martin

Anna - What are they going to build where Grandpa’s was?  We’ve spent so little time in Kearney over the years that most  of the places I remember are probably  gone or are something else.  Is Rick Christensen’s Mom’s house still standing?  I know Bikes and Kings are gone. What about the 2 theatres downtown...World and Fort?  I know the drive in has been gone for years. Where do the kids go to make memories these days:)

Joe - You could stop in and say hi to Frank but he’s probably too busy “getting ready” for retirement.

Dave - I think your profile change means you’re fully retired now...enjoy!!!

Sheri - We do watch Roseanne.  Her and Tim Allen are among the few who go against the grain politically.  I heard his show might be brought back.  We have tried to watch Idol but it’s just not the same with the new judges.  I watched DWTS for the 1st time last night and wasn’t impressed.  They will get a better cast one of these days.

It’s starting to warm up in the desert but it’s still “dry” so we’re good to go. It REALLY does make a difference Dick😎

One last thing...I’m really upset with the Post Office...they’ve lost my invitation to the Royal Wedding!!!

05/18/18 07:23 AM #7962    


Anna Sobotka (Schroeder)


  KAAPA Ethanol bought the Grandpa's Steak House land,they are going to build their corp. office there. They bought alot of the oak paneling and other items at the auction. the inside of the office will be in honor of Grandpa's and the history of its ties to Kearney. I think that is awesome that they are doing that !!!

 The World theater was renovated a couple years ago and is showing movies. The Fort theater is a dentist office,both repaird the neon lights 

 It's nice to have some buildings left with some history to downtown Kearney !!!

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