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06/18/18 08:38 PM #7986    


Dick Garrelts

Happy Birthday, #4 !!  

How about that commercial "Eat the food and lose the weight" ???   Isn't "Eat the food" how we got to this point in the first place ?   I'm gonna have a Root Beer Float now. Maybe I'll actually be able to float afterward.


We probably should have a meeting to set up a Committee regarding the Rowdy 50th Reunion. We really do need to get some things organized.  Please post a response if you would like to volunteer.


06/19/18 08:29 AM #7987    


Joe Mettenbrink

Looks like almost a wash-out-least delay of game last night & maybe today for the College World Series-alot of rain early this AM anyway but least busted the hot & humid weather for awhile! Hope the Father's out there had a great Father's Day-still remember the good times with Dad years ago-take care-later! 

06/20/18 03:18 PM #7988    


Frank Schickedanz

To All  -  Well I'm back  (sort-of)  -  As my last posts reflected we have been "So Damn Busy"  -  Really.   Fortunately business is off the charts right now so I really need to stay focussed -  it is worth the effort seeing as how I am leaving my company at the end of this year.  We have also had a couple of trips out of state.  Over Memorial Day we had a Family Reunion in Woodward, OK  -  had a Great Time.  My Mom's side of the Family had   7  Kids which produced many, many Cousins.  Out of the   7   only  4  Aunts are sort of alive and only 1  of those Aunts are in good health.  So the Reunion was the Cousins Reunion - like I said we really had a good time.

We went to Victoria, BC for a couple days  -  nice city  -  and then we went back to Seattle for a few days and saw Jethro Tull in concert.  Ian Anderson can still get it done on the Flute  -  What a performance. It was his 50th Anniversary Tour and he the only one left of the Original Band Members.  They had short videos of former Band Members that talked about the Band and Favorite Songs they performed, etc. You will all be surprised at this  -  "It Freakin" Rained" and it was a Rain or Shine Concert.  Still well worth the effort.  If I could figure out how to post a new picture I would  -  unfortunately I am one Electroincally Challenged Indiviual (ECI).  

Dick  -  You know that last Thursday was National Martini Day don't you.  Did you have yours  ?   I didn't.  Better go play Golf  -  it is my Golf League Day.  Talk to you later.

FLS  (Schick)  

06/27/18 06:41 AM #7989    


Anna Sobotka (Schroeder)

    Do something to make you SMILE today !!!!

06/28/18 05:00 PM #7990    


Danny Cavenee

It's kind of warm out today just keep moving and it will feel COOLER

07/03/18 08:14 AM #7991    


Anna Sobotka (Schroeder)

      Have a happy & safe 4th of July !!



07/03/18 02:54 PM #7992    


Frank Schickedanz

Anna  -  You do do the same  -  It is supposed to be quite warm all over the Midwest - & Texas Too.  I'll be in Vincennes, Indiana which is in the same boat as you guys. 

It appears that everyone is on Holiday  -  not a lot of activity on the Forum.  I told Dick that last Thursday it was National Hand-ShakeDay  -  I figured he would want to know  -  but he didn't pass it on.  Have a Great 4th of July -  better go on Vacation.  Talk to you later.

FLS  (Schick)

07/04/18 10:40 AM #7993    


Kathi Geiser (Wright)

Already a very busy week, Kenny Chesney concert Sat nite with my new redneck boyfriend (or geezer friend). Council last nite, today breakfast with the Fire Dept.  Music this afternoon.  And oh which Lake Loveland party to watch the fireworks at?  Happy Independence Day!

07/06/18 05:43 PM #7994    


Dick Garrelts

Condolences to Jerry C. on the passing of his brother, Wray.

07/07/18 10:01 AM #7995    


Joe Mettenbrink

Jerry am sorry also for your loss of your brother-still have my 2 sisters and was good to see Sally in early June in Cozad. Rained out here the 4th but of course didn't keep my fool neighbors from shooting off fireworks-even if not legal the next day here but a day after pass to use up what you pay for not unreasonable & only the biggest & most illegal seem to get ticketed here anyway! Summer seems to be going fast & well as usually-best to all for a good one-enjoying retirement but need to work on my songs-and other things-again hopefully before too long-later!

07/07/18 12:49 PM #7996    


Jerry Ohlmann

It's with a heavy heart that I need to pass along some sad news.  Our classmate, Cal Kazebeer passed away yesterday.  Cal's cousin, Steve Anderson called me this morning. Please pray that our Lord will provide peace and comfort for Cal's family and many friends.  Cal, may you rest in peace in the presence of our Lord.

Jerry O.

07/07/18 11:14 PM #7997    


Cindy Walters (Castillo)

Jerry - thanks for posting. I had just read a post from their daughter on Facebook. My heart is saddened for Rhonda and her family. Prayers of strength and peace during this difficult time. Class of 70 lost a great one! 

07/08/18 04:52 AM #7998    


Sue Wise (Divan)

I just read Kendra’s post on FB and am so sorry to hear about Cal passing away. May he Rest In Peace and may God bring peace and comfort to Rhonda and their family!

I was also sorry to hear about Wray passing away.  So sorry for your loss Jerry!

07/08/18 06:29 AM #7999    


Jerry Cummings

Thanks all for the kind words.  Wray fought the cancer for more than ten years and he was at peace when he crossed his life’s final threshold.  For Rhonda my deepest sympathy.

07/08/18 11:19 AM #8000    


Holly Heacock (Reiter)

Jerry C.- My deepest sympathy for the passing of your brother Wray.  Prayers of comfort and healing to you and your family.  As I’m sure you have discovered after Wray’s 10 year battle with cancer, there are worse things than death. Take care.

07/08/18 12:06 PM #8001    


Joann Stengel (Tumbleson)

Rhonda - My heart is saddened for you and your family.  You have endured a lot!  Cal is finally at peace.  Continued prayers for you during this time!

Jerry - My prayers go out to you and your family at the loss of your brother.  It's never easy losing a family member and it's hard to watch them suffer!  Finally he is at peace!


07/08/18 01:32 PM #8002    


Joe Mettenbrink

Sorry to learn of Cal's passing-getting hot again & not my favorite time of year but cooler days coming later-hope all had a great July 4th-rained out here but enough "illegal" fireworks the next day for sure!

07/08/18 08:22 PM #8003    


Gary Martin


Jerry - Condolences on the passing of your brother Wray.  Peace to you and your family.

Rhonda - There are no words to lessen the pain and loss you must be feeling.  Our hearts and prayers go out to you and your family.  I know your Faith will bring you peace and strength to move forward.  You are one of the strongest people I know. Cal was a good man who loved his family and we will miss him.  He is in a better place now and at peace.  

07/10/18 12:41 PM #8004    


Frank Schickedanz

Jerry  -  So sorry to hear about your Brother  -  as we all know He is in a better place

Rhonda and Family  -  Words cannot reflect all of our thoughts & prayers that go out to you.  So sad for you and your loved ones.

FLS  (Schick)

07/11/18 07:17 PM #8005    


Anna Sobotka (Schroeder)

     Cal's obit is in today's Lincoln Star Journal newspaper

07/11/18 08:55 PM #8006    


Dick Garrelts

Thanks, Anna.  Also, for online condolences at the mortuary website:


Rhonda,  Appropriate words elude me.  You have my deepest sympathy. 

07/11/18 09:07 PM #8007    


Cindy Wilson (Rasmussen)

Rhonda and family,  You have my deepest sympathy.  Thinking of you Rhonda.  

07/13/18 05:11 PM #8008    


Dick Garrelts

Condolences to Ron Smith on the passing of his brother, Dave  ('71)

07/16/18 12:28 PM #8009    


Joann Stengel (Tumbleson)

I was sorry to hear that Ron Smith's brother passed away.  My prayers go out ot the family.

It was nice seeing some of the KHS classmates at Cal's funeral on Saturday, wished it were under better circumstances.


07/18/18 10:20 AM #8010    


Joe Mettenbrink

My sincere sympathy also now to Ron Smith for the passing of his brother Wray KHS Class '71-not sure if met him and really don't remember him but sure my sister Sally probably did-will pass the info also to her (in a carehome now in Cozad where niece helps take care of her)-doing fairly well now-take care-later! 

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