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05/07/20 10:23 AM #9308    


Dick Garrelts

Who needs a 401K !  

I found a sucker who will trade toilet paper for Ribeyes. 




05/09/20 09:18 AM #9309    


Ron Smith

Condolences to Bob Beitler with the passing of his father Bruce.

05/09/20 10:20 AM #9310    


Anna Sobotka (Schroeder)

                      HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY !!!!

05/10/20 10:23 AM #9311    


Anna Sobotka (Schroeder)


  How is the painting project going ???    Painting is my least favorite thing to do. but always looks so nice when you're done !!!

  My kitchen needs painted but it is at the bottom of my "TO DO " list !!!

  Seems like I never get to the bottom of the list !!

       Happy Painting !!!

05/11/20 10:17 AM #9312    


Kathi Geiser (Wright)

Marvelous Monday to each,

Spent mother's day up in the Buckhorn Canyon enjoying a picnic.

Rain coming in, thankfully.  Love to the Beitler family.  I talked to Barb Seerley yesterday and she had a good day.

She plays Farkke online with Clayton and Vicki.

We did a 5 hour City Council meeting on Zoom last Tues.  Wonder when we will go sit together again.    Be well.

05/11/20 10:45 AM #9313    


Anna Sobotka (Schroeder)


05/12/20 09:26 AM #9314    


Leanna Fritz

Anna- the painting is going well. Not fast, but well. Not finished, but well!  You say painting is last on your list of things to do?  Well then, I’ll  bet you’ve been doing all of the other things on your list. You could be cleaning the bugs out of the light fixtures, taking down the return air vents and washing them, sweeping out the furnace room and while you’re at it, dust the furnace, freshen up the ice cube trays, wash the shower heads, change all your passwords, give yourself a perm, cover your plants again, and go looking for green bananas. You can’t always find them green enough in the first  store.

Scott did cut my hair. Who knew he could cut a straight line, and who knew he’d charge more than my regular gal, and demand a bigger tip!


I hope all is well with everyone, and hope all are finding ways to keep busy. Maybe with some of the things above (:            

Be well and be safe!

05/12/20 05:55 PM #9315    


Dick Garrelts

Sounds like you girls are trying to be productive during the lock-down.  I prefer to come up with ways to defy authority - like eating ice cream out of the container, posting in my underwear, and put ketchup on hot dogs.  Take that, Establishment !!  

Gotta Run.  I think I saw a Murder Hornet and I'm still in my underwear...



05/12/20 05:59 PM #9316    


Dick Garrelts

Anybody who can afford to drink wine on Rodeo Drive can afford to tip the barber.

05/12/20 06:01 PM #9317    


Dick Garrelts

In Tractor Supply there are signs on the floor "Stand Here".  I've seen enough Roadrunner cartoons to not fall for that one!   And I also know Tractor Supply sells Anvils.

05/12/20 06:09 PM #9318    


Dick Garrelts

When they say you must wear a mask, don't expect to get by with Groucho Schnoz Glasses. Some Security Guards have no sense of humor.

05/13/20 04:03 AM #9319    


Anna Sobotka (Schroeder)


     I loved your to do list-there are a few I hadn't thought of !!!!!

     Happy painting !!!!!

05/14/20 11:39 AM #9320    


Sue Wise (Divan)

This morning I sent everyone an email about our 50th reunion.  Unfortunately, the Reunion Committee has decided to cancel our reunion for this summer.  We want everyone to stay healthy and safe from this virus, especially because we are now in the "at risk" age group.  We hated to do this but think it is in everyone's best interest to wait to celeberate 50 years.  Thanks for understanding! 

05/14/20 02:18 PM #9321    


Holly Heacock (Reiter)

Hi to everyone!  Your posts always make me happy and I've even been known to even belly all really should have pursued comedy.  Please continue your posts, as I do enjoy reading them very much. 

Leanna, loved your "to do" list and I must admit most (except the furnace dusting, LOL) were also included on my list.  I wish I could report that some have been checked off, but I seriously find myself sitting, mindlessly thinking of the many things I could/should accomplish.  My godsend has been our never-ending yard work and the amazing beauty of the new life Spring is bringing...  

To  the Beitler and Mills' families our deepest condolences and prayers for healing.

 I must admit, I was a bit sad regarding the rescheduling of our "Big 50" but I concur, it is surely the wise thing to do. Thanks to Sue, Dan and committee for all the time and effort it takes to keep us all in touch.  You are appreciated!





05/14/20 05:02 PM #9322    


Gary Martin

Sue - I think you made a good call on the postponement!  Just out of curiosity...has anyone in our class had Covind-19?  I thought Vickie and I had it back in January, had all the chest symptoms, etc. Got an antibody test a couple of weeks ago and came up negative.  I was hoping we had gotten it, just to get it out if the way.

05/14/20 10:19 PM #9323    


Sue Wise (Divan)

None of our classmates have reported having it.  I believe it was Nancy McCammon Hansen who said her son had it earlier and has recovered.  John and I have been really careful so we don't get it.  I have asthma so really do not want this stuff!  I'm very happy to stay in my sewing room quilting although I really miss seeing my two youngest grandkids! Grocery store is about the only place I go.  Stay safe everyone!

05/15/20 08:41 PM #9324    


Sheri Stickney (Eatherton)

Missing our “minis”, but so enjoy everyone’s posts !! I agree with Holly that so many of our classmates are hilarious and talented !!  My family knows when I bust out laughing, it’s usually because of this site .  Thanks for the connection during this isolating time 😘

05/16/20 10:00 AM #9325    


Danny Cavenee

Good job Bullet did you use your twin reed mallard duck call to get him to land in the cement pond .

05/16/20 10:45 AM #9326    


Danny Cavenee

I have been taking a 6oz shot of Moonshine ever three hours and chassing it with a Corona beer. I feel great  !! Not  worried about getting a haircut because my hair is falling out just try it ???

05/20/20 02:55 PM #9327    


Frank Schickedanz

Dick  -  You just looked at your 401K  -  I just looked at my 104K  -  It is sickening  -  I wish I hadn't succumbed to "Enquiring Minds Wants To Know". It came in a time of Weakness.  

To All  -  Just so you know I had my knee surgery  -  it appears that everything went well but I have only been to  2  Rehab sessions.  I'll Keep you informed.  I received a new ACL as mine was totally frayed and they fixed my Meniscus  -  apparently the MCL is on the outside of the knee and occasionally repairs itself and mine did so they didn't have to mess with it.  I chose to have my ACL harvested from a cadaver so I told my Doctor to try to get one from a Really Fast Black Guy.  He wouldn't divulge any information about the guy so I am assuming I just got a Really Good ACL.  Hopefully we can have our 50th this year  -  maybe optimistic but hopefully realistic  -  maybe in the Fall (Octoberfest Time) or around Thanksgiving.  I am still working from My Home so I guess I better get back to it.  Talk to you later.

FLS  (Schick)



05/21/20 09:22 PM #9328    


Dick Garrelts

Gary,  If you and Vickie would have died, it's a pretty sure bet it was from the Virus... statistically speaking...

Frank,  How was your "moon walk" before the surgery?     OK, so my ribeyes for toilet paper didn't help my 401K ... But when we do finally have the Reunion,  who are y'all going to turn to when it's time to TP the teacher's trees?    Hummm?  

Sheri,  I too miss the minis. We'll resume just as soon as we're allowed more than 10 people in a privy.


05/21/20 09:23 PM #9329    


Dick Garrelts

Suggestion for the 50th Reunion Theme; 

Just because it's a bad idea don't mean it won't be a good time !


( come to think of it, I think that actually was #2's motto in HS )

05/25/20 09:32 AM #9330    


Ron Smith

Happy birthday Gary !!! Say hi to Vickie for me. Hope to see you both at the reunion.

06/02/20 01:11 PM #9331    


Dick Garrelts

I hope everyone is having as much fun as I am getting on the Forum again.  I have no clue how I did it, so don't call me for help .... Schick!

On second thought, if you're not on the site you're not reading this anyway. So never mind. 


06/02/20 01:46 PM #9332    


Sue Wise (Divan)

I'm here Dick!  Was annoying when I wanted to get on this weekend and found they were updating the site.  I knew they had scheduled it, but quickly forgot about it!  I can't even remember why they were doing an update.  Maybe migrating to a new server and updating the site.  Hope all is well with everyone!

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