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03/13/19 05:24 PM #8874    


Danny Cavenee

We have your six Carole Sue hope the Doctors get their s--- together .

03/13/19 08:08 PM #8875    


Dick Garrelts

The snow is 99% gone - for about 2 more hours.  Everything is closed from Kearney to Wyoming. For anyone thinking of coming back from Arizona - forget it! 

It was the fog that did it.

Hope you had fun, Frank  but nobody wants to see pictures of snow.



03/13/19 09:19 PM #8876    


Pam Eggen (Lashley)


If all goes as planned.......Carole Sue will be having surgery ( complete Thyroid removal ) on the 21st at Good Sam.

We found out why they have not been in a real hurry to do the surgery. Without Carole Sue being on the Thyroid medicine for awhile to lower the Thyroid levels, she would have experienced what is called a Thyroid Storm during surgery which would have played havoc with her heart. 

Please pray that all goes as planned for the surgery date and that all goes well in surgery. 

Carole really appreciates all your prayers. Her computer has been acting up so I have been reading the forum to her over the phone.

03/14/19 09:53 AM #8877    


Sheri Stickney (Eatherton)

Prayers for you, Carole Sue - and for ALL of Nebraska right now !! Stay safe everyone❤️. We were planning to be home by now, but will stay a bit longer in Albuquerque !  

03/14/19 10:11 AM #8878    


Jacquie Samway


I  do not post very often, but I do keep up with the posts.  First-Prayers for Carol Sue, her doctors, and nurses as they continue on the road to healing.  We know healing comes from God.  Please keep us posted on her progress.

Second-to all of you in your areas that are facing Mother Nature--Prayers-between the wind, snow, rain, and flooding many are facing loss and hardship.   For me in Madison I am fine,  My house, family, dogs and horses are fine, but we are flooded in parts of Madison, the highway is closed.

Last-take care everyone!



03/14/19 03:12 PM #8879    


Sue Wise (Divan)

Thanks for posting about Carole Sue, Pam!  I wondered why they didn’t rush her into surgery!  Prayers that everything goes well during surgery and she returns to good health quickly!

Jacque.....happy to hear all is well with you, your family and animals!  The flooding is horrible and such a scary thing!  Too many people venture out and think they can get through the water without realizing the road or bridge could be damaged or gone under the water!  Hope everyone is staying safe!  John and I got back to Kearney late Tuesday afternoon and had good weather, other than light rain, all the way!  Had to use 4 wheel drive to park the camper on the pad in our alley!  Mud was deep and soft!  Glad to be back home but today I’m really missing the sun!  Stay safe everyone!

03/15/19 05:06 PM #8880    


Danny Cavenee

   Wasn't  there a movie called Out of the Fog or what Lurks in the Fog ? How about Fog Island or Shadow Fog  the Black Crows Fog I think maybe that was the name of a band ?  The new release is The Nebraska Fog and can not forget The London Fog. I'm pretty fogged up right now .

03/16/19 06:10 PM #8881    


Dick Garrelts






03/16/19 07:47 PM #8882    


Dave Carpenter

Happy Birthday Barb!

03/16/19 09:35 PM #8883    


Ron Smith

Happy birthday Barb!!

03/17/19 02:13 PM #8884    


Vicki Bissell

Happy Birthday a day late Barb.  I hope you had a great day.

03/19/19 08:48 AM #8885    


Anna Sobotka (Schroeder)

MOTHER NATURE can't make up her mind this morning !!!! First we had rain turning into snow-now rain again !?

                    ENJOY YOUR DAY !!!!!!!


03/19/19 07:49 PM #8886    


Dick Garrelts

Spring was March 21 for as long as I remember. This year they say Spring is March 20.  Take note; sunrise on March 17 was 7:47 am, and sunset was at 7:47 pm.  Equinox.  There is 8 minutes difference on the 20th. Good luck trying to balance an egg on the wrong day ...

Maybe it isn't Climate Change after all.  Maybe it's a vast conspiracy they thought no one would notice.  If I turn up dead, you'll know I was right.

At any rate, it won't be Spring until Martin starts the Indians program.



03/20/19 11:07 AM #8887    


Barb Arnold (Jacobitz)

Thank you for the birthday wishes!!! 67 seemed so old back in I’m thinking it is not so old      at all!!  

Hope no one suffered any great losses with the flooding.  I still can’t wrap my head around all the devastation that our state encountered. Just unbelievable and unimaginable! Hopefully no one will have to ever endure this again. 

Happy Spring and fingers crossed, no more snow!  This old lady is ready for temps  in the 80’s!!!!

03/20/19 05:24 PM #8888    


Barb Arnold (Jacobitz)

Susie, it was great you and Jon could meet up with Gary and Vickie and Rick and Pat....looks like fun!! Great photos of your AZ winter get away!! May have to start planning winter “mini’s” in AZ!!!                               Prayers for you, Carole Sue....hope surgery is a success and you get on the road to healing and better health!




03/21/19 07:38 AM #8889    


Pam Eggen (Lashley)

Carole Sue's surgery is at 2:00 today. Finally! Please pray for the surgeon. That God will guide his hands and give him wisdom. That Carole with have a speedy and complete recovery. It has been such a long road. Thanks!

03/21/19 09:14 PM #8890    


Pam Eggen (Lashley)


Good news! Our prayers were answered! Carole Sue came through with flying colors. The surgeon said that the surgery went perfectly. When I had taken her to her preop visit, he said that it could take 2 - 3 hours in surgery. He anticipated that there could be quite a lot of bleeding. There wasn't much bleeding so it took less than 2 hours. 

She now has to take it easy for a week and no lifting, which could cause bleeding inside her neck. In 6 days she goes back to the ENT clinic and they will start her on her Thyroid pills. She will periodically go back until they get the dosage right. She now is on the road to recovery! Praise the Lord! Thank you for all your prayers. She wants you to know that she appreciated them and all of you. Please continue to pray for a quick recovery. They are keeping her overnight for observation.


03/22/19 12:44 AM #8891    


Cindy Wilson (Rasmussen)

Pam, that is great news! Glad everything turned out great for you Carole Sue.  🙏🏻 Praying for speedy recovery and they can get medicine going.  God is good!

03/22/19 06:14 AM #8892    


Danny Cavenee

Pam That is excellent news.

03/22/19 06:31 AM #8893    


Barb Arnold (Jacobitz)

Thanks for the update, Pam! So glad everything went well and continued prayers for a speedy and uncomplicated recovery, Carole Sue! 

03/22/19 06:32 AM #8894    


Dick Garrelts

Thankful for His Guiding Hand throughout your ordeal, Carole Sue.  Judging from the statistics on this site, the loving concern from our fellow Classmates is amazing.  Continuing prayers for a speedy recovery.

Kudos to Pam for keeping us informed, and especially for a demonstration of friendship rarely seen these days.



03/22/19 07:21 AM #8895    


Vicki Bissell

Pam thank you for the update.  Praying that Carole Sue has a speedy recovery and that they can get medicine adjusted for her needs.

03/22/19 09:53 AM #8896    


Jacquie Samway

Thank you Pam for the update-and thank you God for the good news concerning Carol Sue.  Please keep us posted as she continues to heal.  We will continue to pray that the doctors are able to give Carol Sue the treatments that she needs to regain her health and her strength.  

We are all getting to the age where our lives can change quickly.  We need to look forward to our chances to get together at reunions.  2020-Coming soon!





03/23/19 12:12 AM #8897    


Ron Smith

Thanks for the updates Pam.There are a lot of concerned classmates for Carole Sue. All the glory to our Father for her successful surgery. Now the recovery process may begin.

03/23/19 08:18 AM #8898    


Deb Peterson (Ryan)

So glad to hear the news on Carol Sue. Continued thoughts and prayers during recovery period. 

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