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01/15/19 08:20 AM #8574    


Frank Schickedanz

Susie  -  Very Cool - NIce way to enter in and get the  "70"   -  Have you contacted Martin or Christensen or are you in that part of the Country ??  We are expected go get  32* for a high on Sunday.  What a drag.  It is also supposed to be 70 on Friday  -  maybe Golf weather.  Better go find something to do  -  I'm bored.  Talk to you later,

FLS  (Schick)

01/16/19 09:32 AM #8575    


Sue Wise (Divan)

I haven’t contacted them yet but plan to!  I’m in Surprise and not sure what part of AZ Martin’s and Christensen is in but will check their profiles for contact information.  Would like to go to lunch or dinner with them while we’re here!  We plan to go to Tucson for a few days but have no real plans, just a few day trips at this point.  Stay warm and safe.  I hear there’s a big storm headed into the Midwest on Friday!

A big congratulations to Ron on his retirement!  Enjoy all of your free time!

01/16/19 10:59 AM #8576    


Frank Schickedanz

To All:  I am looking at the extended forecast for Kearney  -  It goes as follows:




SUN, JAN 26th  LIGHT SNOW, CLEARING SKIES,  COLD                              H25*  L12*  

Do you see a pattern here???  I'll be following the weather closely.  Is there anything going on Friday Night???  Just in case I come in early if at all???  As you all know   -  I really am a VERY FAIR WEATHER FAN.  Better go and find something to do.  Talk to you later.

FLS  (Schick)  (The Sissy




01/17/19 07:48 PM #8577    


Dick Garrelts

National Weather Service  ROWDY  FORECAST  (subject to change)

Friday; Partly Cloudy (because we really haven't got started yet) High 36.

Saturday;  Mostly Cloudy (if it's a good party) High 42. 

Shirtsleeve weather, Frank.  You can do this.  You won't be bored.



I didn't mention wind because that totally depends on who shows up.

01/17/19 08:09 PM #8578    


Dick Garrelts

Here's the Jan 26  ROWDY NITE  plan;

Central Auto Electric at 6:00 for a nip and shuttle to the game.

Game starts at 7:00

Party following at Central Auto Electric.  BYOB.  Cherry Sloe Gin and Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill available for sampling.  JMHO, a sample taste is all you want. They're not how you remember.  Besides, they're leftovers from last year. We'll feed it to the 69ers.

Serving BBQ pork sandwiches, chips, pop, and service provided.  We're asking our local "regulars" to bring a snack or finger food. Thanks in advance.


The 50th Anniversary Program is provided by the Current Rowdy Section.

Bob Elliott (69) will do a presentation and announce the Rowdy Scholarship Fund.

The Rowdy Sign will be unveiled,  and we'll fly our banner.

The Rowdies may have t-shirts for sale, so wear your Original Rowdy t-shirt to be sure.


We still need to get the word out to all Classes, and especially to those in our Class. We want to outnumber the 69ers again this year.  Network with those you are in contact with, and ask they pass the word to their friends and siblings from any Class. 

Danny will be doing a KGFW interview,  and Dick K will do NTV if time allows.  Let us know if you are willing to help with either of these.

Susie,  Bring the cactus to the party.  It'll be loads of laughs!

01/17/19 08:11 PM #8579    


Dick Garrelts

Out of town guests should know we plan to gather on Friday night too, in case you want to come early and make a weekend of it.

Friday location is yet to be determined.

Palm Garden was mentioned.

Others suggested Cunningham's.

Voice your opinion.



01/17/19 08:22 PM #8580    


Dick Garrelts

If memory serves correctly,  TONIGHT,  January 17, is the actual 50th of when in 1969 "a rowdy bunch of boys" disrupted the game, and then the Rowdy sign was raised.             69 started it ... 70 saved it !!

We're you there that first night ?  

It would be fun to have all the guys and gals in the Hub photo sign it. 

Does anybody have a clipping we can make a copy of  ???

Does anybody have a clipping of the 1970 Hub photo ???  Was it in the Log ??  It was used on the cover of the cookbook. 

01/18/19 11:14 AM #8581    


Gloria Hosea (Sherman)

That photo is under the Photos tab in left side menu of our site and copied here.

01/18/19 12:51 PM #8582    


Gloria Hosea (Sherman)

Here is one with "Cares" from Facebook post.

01/18/19 10:54 PM #8583    


Dick Garrelts

Thanks for the help, Gloria.  I'm still searching for complete photos.  The kids doing the video could use them in their production.  Granted, the search should have been started long ago, but maybe we can still help.

Our 70 sign, "We may be Rowdy but ..." doesn't appear complete. The 69 "Rowdy Section Cares" is cropped, excluding yours truly on the lower left. But it's not about me.   Really.



01/19/19 09:58 AM #8584    


Dick Garrelts

Updated forecast; Friday High 24, Saturday 32, Sunday 39. This seems to change daily, so stay tuned.

If Schick asks, tell him it will be 70 all three days.

If Rowdy Nite goes as planned, it will be 70... Class of 70 ...All the way!




01/19/19 05:43 PM #8585    


Dick Kincaid

Schick, Dick G. was using the Celsius scale instead of the Fahrenheit scale thus there shouldn't be any issues with the temperatures running 75.2, 89.6 and 102.2 F.  I think you should push your fluid intake to compensate just to be safe.  Dehydration can lead to serious medical complications especially at our age.  I'm sure some of our classmates with their medical backgrounds will agree and they might even help with your hydration regimen.

01/19/19 07:15 PM #8586    


Dick Garrelts

In a matter of hours, the forecast changed again.  26, 33, 38   Slightly better, but if we can't rely on KRVN, let's go with Dick K's calculations. 

Dick, since you're calculator is on ... if Schick leaves Fort Worth at noon traveling 300 mph for free, and you go the other direction at 600 mph, how many beers does it require Frank to drink to be at the same altitude and spend the same amount as you did? 


100,720          139 posts to catch the 69ers   Can we do it in a week?

01/19/19 10:59 PM #8587    


Dick Kincaid

There needs to be more information to come up with a solution to your math problem.  The variables must be identified.  Will he fly into Denver to make a local connection?  What is his emotional health (nervous flyer using alcohol to self medicate)?  What is his rate of consumption per hour?  Will he have a layover on a concourse with a sports bar between connections?  Will he be paying cash out of pocket or will he seek reimbursement for business expense (entertaining alleged clients)?  My cost is approximately 9 cents per air mile this time but the bonus is that the accumulated air miles will qualify me for a free trip next time when added to what I've already   banked.  Hypothetically, the cost of a beer in the sky is closer to the price of a twelve pack on the ground so doesn't it make more sense financially to drink before you fly?  This is a similar to a college student priming themselves at their house  prior to hitting the bars and then justifying to their parents they were saving money not spending it foolishly.   I think between between Helen Ogle and Riley Harris  influencing  us we should be able to solve this algebraic and business  problem.

01/20/19 07:26 AM #8588    


Dick Garrelts

Dick,  Beer and money is the common denominator.  That's all you need to know.  I intentionally left out X.  What most of us took away from the Ogle-bird's class is nobody cares what X is. That and Christmas cookies.


Current Rowdy forecast;  32,28,38     She's looking better.



01/20/19 08:51 AM #8589    


Dick Garrelts

The previous was a trick question.  Frank will be drinking Margaritas.





01/20/19 08:55 AM #8590    


Dick Garrelts

Rowdy Nite should have been this weekend.  Nothing brings out lunatics like a Super Blood Wolf full moon w/ eclipse.




135 < 69ers    another math problem

01/20/19 10:17 AM #8591    


Dick Kincaid

32-28-38   "She's looking Better"   Still dreaming about Ogle after all these years I see.  I never got any cookies so were you special?

01/20/19 10:31 AM #8592    


Dick Garrelts

I was referring to Tiger's imaginary girlfriend. 

Ogle's bust size would be measured at, and equivalent to her waist size. 


Everybody else got a cookie.  That makes you special.


Gotta go move hay bales before it thaws out.

01/20/19 10:55 AM #8593    


Joann Stengel (Tumbleson)

The "white lightning" jello shots are made for the upcoming mini.  If anyone needs an XL tee from the last rowdy mini please message me. First one to message me is the taker.


See you all on the 26th (weather permitting).

01/20/19 02:44 PM #8594    


Joann Stengel (Tumbleson)

The tee has been claimed.

01/20/19 03:29 PM #8595    


Dick Garrelts

Way to go, Joann.  Did you recruit a new one? 

Do you think it's too early for the Jell-O Shots?  - probably not if there's enough booze in them. ... Never mind. They'll keep.

... unless Mike finds them.

01/20/19 04:54 PM #8596    


Joann Stengel (Tumbleson)

There is a lot of booze in the jello shots. But it really wouldn't be a mini unless we have jello shots.
Mike saw me making them but maybe didn't put two and two together.

01/20/19 06:49 PM #8597    


Dick Garrelts

Another change since this morning;  37,31,40    Maybe I'll just wait until AFTER the RowdyFest for the meteorological prognostication.

Bring your skis, Frank.  Might as well take advantage of the 6" of snow we're expecting tomorrow night and Tuesday.


Don't kid yourself, Joann.   Cops have a 6th sense. 



01/20/19 07:14 PM #8598    


Dick Garrelts

To fill the day on Saturday, how about Breakfast at Perkins?

Morning  (or afternoon)  Coffee at _________ ?

Lunch at _______________ ?

A beer at Maria's ?

Wide open to suggestions here ....


At some point we need to try the new Cunningham's at the Pits.   Friday?

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