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06/30/19 10:08 PM #8977    


Ron Smith

In The Year 2525 was actually written and sang by a couple guys from Nebraska.Zager & Evans. Denny Zager was born in Wymore in 1944. Rick Evans was born in Lincoln in 1943. They met at Nebraska Wesleyan.One hit wonders. My all time favorite song is Day Old Bread And Canned Beans by The Treniers.Google it and it will most likely become your favorite too.

07/01/19 05:26 PM #8978    


Anna Sobotka (Schroeder)

    Ron -  I stand corrected-the song was "In The Year 2525" I do remember really liking the song !!!   

07/02/19 05:24 PM #8979    


Danny Cavenee

Unexpected circumstances have taken place the mini at Johnson Lake has been post-poned. We are looking at some later date I will keep you posted.

07/09/19 01:51 PM #8980    


Joann Stengel (Tumbleson)

I saw pictures of the flooding at Kearney. Is everyone in our class ok? Will be praying for you.

07/09/19 01:52 PM #8981    


Anna Sobotka (Schroeder)

Holy moly Kearney is under water !!!! We were even on national tv for all the water in Kearney.

As of noon they were evacuating all the motels and businesses on south second ave. The exit to Kearney from the interstate is closed. Hiway 30 from Elm Creek to Kearney is closed.

People from the motels are being taken to centennial towers west at UNK (they can't go anywhere their cars are under water at the motels)

TV said we had 8-10 inches of rain last night and more rain in the forecast for tonight.

I have lived in Kearney all my life and have never seen this much rain. 

07/10/19 11:08 AM #8982    


Gary Martin

Hello Forum...been a while since my last post.  Anna, how did the new KHS fare in the flooding?  If I recall, someone had told me that they built it in a high ground water area.  

07/10/19 12:30 PM #8983    


Danny Cavenee

The new School sank last night maybe ?

07/10/19 01:41 PM #8984    


Dick Kincaid

Just a few observations regarding the flooding comments:  June 24th. 1989 was the last similar rain event with unofficial reports in the Kearney area of up to 10 inches;  Cunninghams on the lake is now in the lake;  Local car Dealership is drying out most of its inventory;  Question of the day for many homeowners south of 11th, street is if their policy will cover water in basements (answer is probably not unless it was from internal source such as broken pipe or appliance malfuction etc.)  Turkey Creek is basicly the North Channel of the Platte River;  Turkey Creek west of Kearney floods historically anytime there is more than a two inch rain;  another topic on the new KHS---Did the school board reduce the grade pad the school was built on by two feet to offset cost overuns during the construction phase;   was this a fluke of nature or should it have been predicted to happen sooner or later, my opinion is more towards predictable than just by chance;  what ever happened to the Central Platte NRD project that was started or at least a study proposed to inprove the flow capacity on Turkey Creek from South of Odessa to east of Kearney along with the onetime cleaning out of brush and trees from the banks of the Wood River throughout Buffalo and Hall Counties for again water flow improvement (flood control);  final thought or question name the man made structures that contributed to the flooding  event in the Kearney area.

07/11/19 09:32 AM #8985    


Kathi Geiser (Wright)

I saw video, what a mess!  Thinking about everyone responding to this challenge.  I'm coming to NE this weekend to see my great nephew in kids theater at Hastings College.  Was planning to show up at Johnsons Lake Fri nite, but plan changed since that cancelled.  Hang in there Kearney!

07/11/19 05:44 PM #8986    


Anna Sobotka (Schroeder)

 Dick K     Your question has me stumped ???????


07/11/19 06:20 PM #8987    


Ron Smith

Yeah Dick. We give up.What is the answer?

07/11/19 06:22 PM #8988    


Ron Smith

Is it the new KHS or the new hospital?

07/11/19 11:17 PM #8989    


Anna Sobotka (Schroeder)

  Dick   Is it all the development along the turkey creek and wood river ??

07/11/19 11:23 PM #8990    


Dick Kincaid

The two man made structures  or creations  are the Union Pacific railroad tracks with their raised bed and I-80.  Each blocked natural drainage going back south to the Platte River.  Both were placed in their current location  for the ease of construction with minimal thought to environmental impact.  They placed occasional drains (culverts  and bridges) were obvious waterways  were.  We could also give credit to the development of  row crop gravity irrigation which required flat land, thus seasonal waterways were filled in and farmed over.  Additionally, the development of commercial  and residential properties in a "Flood Plain".   I assume not many people would have been concerned if sub-irrigated hay meadows had a foot of water standing on them for a few days except maybe the landowner.  I think the last flood control project in Kearney was the Northeast drainage project channeling water from the former Glen Beadle farm along the Stapleton branch line (Kearney and Black Hills Railroad---for the History buffs) east to the airport then eventually dumping into the Wood River.   Beadle's farm was at the time a half mile north of King's corner  (currently known as 56th. and Avenue N).  Hard surfaced parking lots were the culprits in overloading Kearney's storm sewer systems  leading to street flooding as Kearney developed to the North.  Do you think it would be wise for Midway Chrysler Dodge Jeep to construct a berm on the north side of their location along Turkey Creek or swap locations with Buzz's Marine?

07/11/19 11:32 PM #8991    


Anna Sobotka (Schroeder)

 Dick  thanks for the info that is very interesting!!!! I never even considered the railroad or interstate !!!

07/12/19 07:45 AM #8992    


Dick Garrelts

You are correct, Dick. Turkey creek is basically the North Channel of the Platte, or actually part of the old river bed, as is the "Blighted Area" on South Second Avenue.

When the Platte floods at Odessa the water goes North, and the Village of Odessa is actually lower in elevation than the North bank of the river. Drainage from Odessa must go East to Kearney to reenter the Platte as it is today.  The so-called "Blighted Area" will remain blighted - $35 million dollar pump or not, City Planners will have to realize at some point you can't beat Mother Nature.

One other man made structure contributing to the flooding is Kearney Canal.  There were no breaches this time, but it went over its South bank in numerous places between Elm Creek and Kearney.  All the water from the hills to the North drains into the canal, so flood control for Kearney begins 20 miles West of town.

Both of my dams failed, contributing 100 acre feet of water. My neighbor to the west lost his dam too, and who knows how many others. 


Hi, Frank

07/12/19 09:51 AM #8993    


Dick Kincaid

#1 we both know the lady who stopped the NRD on a project to straighten and deepen Turkey Creek southest of Odessa.  She was wise when she built her brick home on her highest ground with a raised structure  so her mainfloor was at least five feet above grade.  Her clan understood how to live in a flood plain and thrive.  She definately enjoyed messing with people to test them but if you stood up and passed her test you were in like flint forever with her.  It paid to be on her good side.

07/12/19 05:33 PM #8994    


Danny Cavenee

It's been brutal the last few days crossing the Platte River. I could not have survived the flood with out my Mae West what a life saver.

07/15/19 08:51 PM #8995    


Frank Schickedanz


FLS  (Schick) 

07/17/19 12:35 PM #8996    


Danny Cavenee

Frank I will be heading for the hills in a couple weeks. If you are up to a little adventure find Nemo . That is the place we camp at during the Rally good luck .

07/17/19 09:02 PM #8997    


Dick Garrelts

Frank,  Mt. Rushmore is worth the trip. It's amazing what erosion can do.  Good thing Carol didn't want to see The Old Man of The Mountain in New Hampshire.  His face fell off.

I didn't see you on TV at the ballgame. There was too much competition; US Open Badminton, Green Acres, and a rerun of the Moon Landing - obviously faked. None of those guys looked like Tom Hanks.


Danny,  If Mae West can't save you .....  but what a way to go!


107,188        two pair

Can you believe it - we could use a rain.

07/18/19 07:55 PM #8998    


Dick Garrelts

Nothing says "Cruise Nite" like 110* in full sun and concrete. Enjoy.

If you think this heat is unbearable, consider the Troops dealing with this (or worse) - all day - every day - while getting shot at. Sleep well tonight.



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2 more posts to get to #9000      69ers at 8782  

07/18/19 08:02 PM #8999    


Dick Garrelts

Face App - don't need it.  Already there!

07/18/19 10:36 PM #9000    


Gary Martin

Dick-Welcome to Az weather!  We’re going into a cooling trend...coming week to be below 110, yeah!  Monsoon humidity hasn’t kicked in yet so we’re okay:)  Never did get my question answered about KHS, but did find out by searching Kearney Hub that it fared OK.

Just watched a taped program tonight about the Moon launch in 69. Two things came to mind...first, what happened to journalists like Walter Kronkite...people who just reported the fringing news (although that might just be MY recollection) and two, why can’t I recall what the heck I was doing at the exact moment man set foot in the moon!  I’ve tried but keep coming up blank. Oh well.

Frank-Hope you enjoyed Mt Rushmore.  I haven’t seen it either.  I have been told that there was some coming construction...did you miss it?

Dick K.-Vickie was going through our old picture shoebox and came across a Hub photo from, I think the 9th grade, that I’ll send you via email...once I get your email. I think you’ll enjoy it!

07/19/19 10:05 AM #9001    


Anna Sobotka (Schroeder)


 I remember I was working at the Holiday Inn as a maid and went up to the lobby for something and the moon landing was on.  I can still remember standing there in awe of what I was seeing !!!!  There were several other people watching and remember also how quite everyone was !!!

My question is where the heck did those 50 years go to ????


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