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01/28/18 11:44 AM #7848    

Randy Brown

Good party Dick . . . . . What is Scott's (71) last name?


01/28/18 12:10 PM #7849    


Dick Garrelts


Scott Brady (70) is the guy working on the permanent ROWDY sign, if that's who you are referring to.

Scott Whitney (71) is the Marine with all the great stories who rode with us to the game in the Magic Bus.

Glad you came, Brownie.  Good time as always.  Credit for the party goes to Danny and Cindy.  They always manage to "Get 'er done!"

83,284     (We'll catch up to you with 766 Posts. Thanks for your help!)

01/28/18 01:32 PM #7850    


Danny Cavenee

Yes it was another great ROWDY time ! The cherry sloe gin was a hit still has that unbelievable taste ? It was sure nice to have a Marine from the class of  71  it help balance the ranks  thanks Scott .

01/28/18 04:41 PM #7851    


Dick Garrelts

Watched a program today about a guy who at age 14 wound up in the Shanghai Ghetto during WWII.  It was something of a Jewish Concentration Camp run by the Japanese.   At the end of the interview,  he calmly stated,     "At this age, I no longer buy green bananas."

01/29/18 02:31 AM #7852    


Anna Sobotka (Schroeder)

  At my age somewhere I've lost my common sence-I got a puppy ?????? (my green bananas)

  She's a 8 week old labordoodle who is FULL of spit and vineger!!!!! She came from a litter of 9 and DOES NOT like being in her kennel by herself.

  I'd forgotten how much crying a puppy can do when they want something (out of the kennel) She's tiny now but has the voice of a great dane.

  My 11 year old dog likes her and it will be better in a few weeks but this transition stage is not fun (guess at my age I don't like alot of change in my routine)

  Thanks for listening-it's 2:30AM and she doen't want to sleep !?!?!?

01/29/18 08:19 AM #7853    


Dick Garrelts

Every dog needs a boy. That's why I got Sherman.    Mr. Peabody

Anna, This would be a good excuse to take in a foster boy - for the dog. The real advantage is you can get him to do your computer stuff.

The new puppy really needs a first and last name. I'm thinking of calling Wienerdog Turd Belvedere.  Belvedere because he's a pretty good butler; vacuums crumbs and does the dishes (not so good with forks) The first name should be self explanatory. 


01/29/18 11:57 AM #7854    


Dick Garrelts

In the news:   Al Zikmund died this morning at age 95. He spent 32 years at Kearney State College as coach and athletics director (1955-87)  He is a Navy Veteran and played football at the University of Nebraska. He is the youngest player in Rose Bowl history to catch a touchdown pass. 

01/29/18 04:17 PM #7855    


Sue Wise (Divan)

Anna-we were told to lay a piece of our clothing over the kennel door so the puppy could smell us!  We did that with Lindsay’s puppy when we would puppy sit and it seemed to work!  Good luck!  One of the many reasons we have not gotten another dog!  11 months since we lost our lab and really miss having a dog to come home to!  Guess I’ll just keep John to greet me at the door πŸ˜‰

Sorry I missed the mini!  Having trouble with my left hip so I’m going to try shots to see if it helps with the pain! Sounds like everyone had a great time!  Anyone take pictures?

01/30/18 08:33 AM #7856    


Frank Schickedanz

Sorry I missed the ROWDY Mini  -  too much going on this time  -  I'll do my best make it next year #50.  Talking about 50  -  only 2 years until our 50th Anniversary for the Class of '70.  I'm sure we will all be looking good.

Anna  -  Your 11 Year Old Dog needs a companion and a Labordoodle doesn't shed.  Congrats.

Susie  -  I would recommend Crown Royal or TX Honey Whiskey Shots  -  or maybe even Cherry Sloe Gin if you want to get your hip in shape to do cartwheels.  That is my Doctorly advice for you.  Talking about advice  -  I would advise me to Get To Work.  Talk to you later.  GO BRONCOS.

FLS   (Schick)


01/30/18 09:43 AM #7857    


Anna Sobotka (Schroeder)

  Thanks for the advice and congrats on Flossie Joe.  Susie I put my sweatshirt in the kennel last night and that seemed to help!!! I also put a salt lamp in the room where the kennel is ( trying to cover all bases)

  Have a awesome day- the weather is supose to be nice today  in Kearney   ONE MORE DAY CLOSER TO SPRING !!!!!!

01/30/18 11:15 AM #7858    


Joe Mettenbrink

Thanks for the news on old Al Zickmund-was a pretty good KSC coach but didn't go to too many games-lived a good long life-not sure about Joe Greeno-think he was in his mid 80's but tough & mean as mud sometimes-made me do boxing I remember-until knocked down once-Dad & Mom told me had to try it so did but not for long-stay warm-windy today but not real cold-very bipolar up & down weather this year-rather like my moods lately-hope the Patriots WIN the Superbowl but like both teams-later! 

01/30/18 05:32 PM #7859    


Sue Wise (Divan)

Thanks for the advice Frank!   Sloe screws were my drink in college and for several years after!  My father-in-law used to get so upset with me when I would order one when they would take us out to eat.  So I started ordering a sloe screwdriver but that wasn’t much better!  I actually tried one not too long was awful so I’ll just stick to my wine in a coffee cup!

Glad to hear the sweatshirt helped Anna! I’ve been thinking about getting a salt lamp since the Hub had that nice article about Alicia!  Might have to head over there tomorrow!

01/31/18 09:38 AM #7860    


Jerry Ohlmann

Karen and I made it back to Omaha on Saturday.  The Rowdy night and game was fun.  Many thanks to Dick for organizing the event and Dan for opening up CAE and providing transportation to the game and back. I agree the cherry sloe gin was awful . . .  Vicks 44 cough syrup would have been an improvement..  Anyway we had fun and looking forward to our next mini.


02/02/18 09:56 AM #7861    


Cindy Wilson (Rasmussen)

Happy Birthday Kathy Noller πŸŽˆπŸŒΈπŸŽ‚

02/03/18 09:28 AM #7862    


Joe Mettenbrink

Short but busy month-hoping not too cold or snowy. Happy birthday to all my classmate friends here for this month-if you like me on fb or on it-you usually get a birthday (or other) best wishes along with sometimes lively personal debate on politics & other issues! Hope you all got your flu shots-very nasty & deadly this year-like 100 years ago during WW1-Ground Hog saw his shadow so 6 more Winter weeks-not alot to snow yet just some very cold times-stay warm-later!

02/05/18 10:14 AM #7863    


Anna Sobotka (Schroeder)

Oh boy more snow this weekend and this morning drizzle turning to ice. Oh well i'll wait a couple days the weather will change !?!?  Makes living in Nebraska so interesting !!!!

Awesome game last night !!!!!  The best part about being retired is I didn't have to call in sick this morning !!!!

My older dog ,me and the puppy have settled into a routine. She is a never ending souce of intertainment.

Enjoy your day!!!!!

02/05/18 10:16 PM #7864    


Dick Garrelts

Anna,  Glad to hear you have good company while the weather keeps you house-bound. We've been watching Andy Griffith reruns.

Too bad we missed the one nice day here last week. Mimi had the urge to squeeze #3, and I needed a schweineschnitzel. Good trip. As it turns out,  #2  (the other #2)  makes eine sehr gut jaegerschnitzel. 

Susie,  Dr. Schick may just have the perfect prescription for you, as long as you are willing to take shots ... Jell-O Shots!  ...wouldn't hurt... He'll have you doing cartwheels at the next mini!  This calls for a contest!

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02/06/18 05:23 PM #7865    


Danny Cavenee

Dr. Schick sounds like a name for a male stripper  or  maybe we can just call him  twig ?

02/06/18 05:53 PM #7866    


Barb Arnold (Jacobitz)

How great is that....the snow stops and the sun comes out!! Anna and Dick are we just about done with our winter snow falls as compared to the "fog theory"? It always amazes me how soon the snow stops that the snow blowers and even the "leaf blowers" today get into action in the "hood"!  Spring can't get here soon enough!!

02/07/18 06:39 PM #7867    


Anna Sobotka (Schroeder)

 Barb   The fog count is for two more storms-but i could be off a couple. I'm ready for the snow to go away!!!!!!   If i could afford it I'd love to go south in the winter


02/07/18 07:34 PM #7868    


Dick Garrelts

I lost track, but there were a LOT of foggy mornings in August.  I'll have to go along with the groundhog and the calendar; Winter will last at least until March 20 ... and that includes the snow predicted for Fri - Sat. 

We've been stuck at home since we got back from Indy.  We've seen all the Andy Griffith shows so started on M*A*S*H.   Had to go to town today because we were out of stuff to go with ribeyes.  Bought some grits.

Also had a power outage today - 30 seconds for us, 6 hours for the neighborhood. Thankful for the generator ... and M*A*S*H.


02/07/18 08:58 PM #7869    


Dick Garrelts

Happy Birthday, Sheri !!!

02/12/18 07:25 AM #7870    


Anna Sobotka (Schroeder)

    COLD in Kearney this morning -14 wind chill  Yikes

02/14/18 08:52 AM #7871    


Anna Sobotka (Schroeder)


02/14/18 05:10 PM #7872    


Danny Cavenee

What a great day today was kinda balmy ? Maybe tomorrow Flip Flops and Speedos are you N Dick G 

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