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09/15/22 05:18 PM #9850    


Leanna Fritz

And HBD to Gloria who I got to sit by at the reunion. HBD Gloria!

09/16/22 09:24 AM #9851    


Kathi Geiser (Wright)

My great niece is now at UNL...imagine it's a memorable experience on game days.

I was in Rockt Mtn Natl Park yesterday at a wedding, and the elk were bugling in the background.  That was memorable! 

09/16/22 04:00 PM #9852    


Danny Cavenee

Go Huskers Stay  with the plan.

09/17/22 12:30 AM #9853    


Gary Martin


Anna - Nice idea to post in remembrance of Dick. With the firing of Frost, I'm sure Dick would be questioning why he didn't choose to become a college coach...being able to get canned and get paid big bucks for doing nothing:)  And of course his taxes would be going up due all the Huckster loses!!

Terry R - In Dick's words, "Damn Rayback, that's what I call an update". Welcome to the forum. It sounds as if you've had a full life and still going. Congrats on still be married to your high school sweetheart. We have new neighbors from San Diego...they said the looney bin got a little too full for them:)

Leanna - I hope you have a backup exercise plan that's not based on Husker victories!  Maybe switch to the KC Chiefs.  Vickie and I are going to be in Elkhorn for a wedding on Oct 8...staying with some old Az neighbors who moved to Papillion last fall. Maybe we could get together for breakfast that Friday if you guys are available..a breakfast mini?

Karolyn - It was really strange to watch the See Hawks and Denver game.  I didn't know who to root for or against? I still haven't made my mind up yet:) 

Our summer is finally starting to wind down. It's been a cool summer by Az standards, only 2 days over 110, but a lot of rain. That meant HUMIDITY which we're not used to. The lows are getting into the low 70's and monsoons are mostly gone. Ready for Winter!!!

It's nice to see some activity on the forum! I think Dick would like that😊


09/19/22 02:37 PM #9854    


Danny Cavenee

Well put Tiger I agree about Frost.

09/21/22 03:46 PM #9855    


Ron Smith

Happy birthday today to the Rodriguez twins Jonas and Xavier. Great times with Xavier in high school riding around with him in his 1966 Pontiac GTO. Cruising central avenue looking for young chicks in his hot car didn't help. Now we would be happy to find an old hen.

09/22/22 05:48 PM #9856    


Marcene Niedt (Joy)

From an Old hen to a couple roosters. Happy birthday Marcene 

09/23/22 12:14 AM #9857    


Gary Martin

Ron - Your post about cruising main brought back many fond memories.  First, I thought Mike Behn was the only one with a GTO (65)...wish I could remember Xavier's?  A few weeks back I was watching the movie American Graffiti with my sons on one of the Dish channels. I told them that, although that movie was based in the early 60's, it was EXACTLY the same experiences we had while we were growing up in Kearney. (Not sure they believed me:))  My next door neighbor actually grew up near Petaluma Ca., the town they filmed the movie in and recalls the making of the movie. He's a few years older than we are😊  As a matter of fact though, you and he could have a heck of a conversation as you both have memories that I wish I had!! 

09/29/22 06:52 PM #9858    


Ron Smith

I drove through the old neighborhood today and it brought back so many great memories when we were kids.The old Kenwood grocery store and Kenwood school. Remembering my Kenwood teachers Helen Marshall,Janet Chavet,Elizabeth Nelson,Evelyn Mintzmeyer,Helen Lofgren,Ruth Slack,Leonard McCarville and Malay Moberg. Also, the cooks Mrs.Gillming and Mrs.Baker and her husband who was the janitor at the school. Thinking about mom giving me $7 on monday for lunch tickets for the week.That was for me,my twin brothers and sister.35c  for each meal which was $1.75 for each of us per week and it was great food too.

Thinking about 2 regrets that I wish I had never done as a kid.Stealing pop bottles out of  Wise's garage until Buzz (Susie's Dad) caught me. I wish he would have given me a whoopin instead of telling my mom. My punishment was no Captain Kangaroo for a month. Also,the time Jimmy Kantaras(71) and I each crapped in a brown paper sack and put it on Mrs. Worlock's porch and lit it on fire one night. We knocked on her door and hid and watched her come out and stomp on it to put the fire out. All of us kids thought she was a witch.I got to know her later and she was a very sweet old lady. Really regret doing that to her.

We had a bully in our neighborhood,Lyle Smith.He raised pigeons and had them in a big cage outside. He had a pellet gun and would put milo in it and shoot us neighbor kids.Me,my brothers,Jimmy Kantaras and Greg Brandt.We would go get Greg's sister Sandy and she would tell Lyle to leave us alone.Sandy was a tomboy and could have easily stomped a terd out of him.He was afraid of her. Just some childhood memories.

10/02/22 06:59 PM #9859    


Ron Smith

Happy birthday to "Lefty Carpenter" our only classmate who could legally sell drugs. A guy went to Dave's  pharmacy and said he was having trouble with his hearing. Dave said how do you know and the guy said his hearing was so bad he couldn't even hear himself cough.Dave said take these pills. The guy asked if they would help him hear better Dave said no they will make you cough louder.

10/06/22 10:06 AM #9860    


Dave Carpenter

Ron - Thanks for the birthday wishes. It's a little strange to think we have entered into our 8th decade of life!      I never get tired of your "humour". That guy that you mentioned that came into the pharmacy with a hearing problem, actually came into the store often. One day he was having problems with his eyesight so I asked him to describe his complaint.  He told me that he saw spots every morning when he woke up. So I inquired if he had seen a doctor, he said no...just spots!

Terry - Nice hearing from you.  Congrats to you and Kathy for your 50 years of marriage and for your awesome Naval career. Thank you for your service!

Gary - I hope it works out to see you and Vicki when you guys are in Nebraska. Lots to talk about.

Kathi - We have done the crab boil also, except I think we used shrimp and sausage. Called it a Slow Country Boil. You are was very good.

Leanna - I love that tradition of running with the flag after a Husker win.  Hopefully you'll get to do that more often.

Anna - That was a great idea to post something in memory of Dick.  He was such a great guy with a fantastic sense of humour.  I think of him often.




10/08/22 03:30 PM #9861    


Ron Smith

Happy birthday Schick. Even the great Russel Wilson isn't going to save your Broncos this year.

10/11/22 07:44 AM #9862    


Joann Stengel (Tumbleson)

I saw that Eric Holzrichter's mother passed away. Condolences to the family.
We were hoping to see Vickie and Gary last Friday but it didn't work out. ☹️

10/20/22 12:54 PM #9863    


Joann Stengel (Tumbleson)

Here are some Jello shot recipes to add to our recipe collection!

10/21/22 09:36 AM #9864    


Gloria Hosea (Sherman)

Thanks all for the Sept birthday wishes.  Am adding the Jello Shot address to my Recipe listing.

10/22/22 05:09 PM #9865    


Joann Stengel (Tumbleson)

Happy birthday tomorrow to Ron Smith! Unfortunately I don't have his memory so I decided I better send birthday wishes while I'm thinking about it!
Hope you have a great day!

10/23/22 11:02 AM #9866    


Leanna Fritz

Yes, happy happy 71st to you Ron! You are so good about acknowledging birthdays, so you deserve a big shout out on yours! Hope you have a great day!

10/23/22 12:59 PM #9867    


Glen Tatum

Happy Birthday Ron. One of the first to round that 71 corner. Let's hope for many more. 

10/23/22 02:54 PM #9868    


Carol Dennis (Bullock)

Happy Birthday, Ron!!  Hope you're having a great day!!

10/24/22 02:37 PM #9869    


Kathie Dobberstein (Jordan)

Happy Birthday old Neighbor Ron Smith!!! Hope you have a fantastic day!!!

10/24/22 03:16 PM #9870    


Marcene Niedt (Joy)

Happy birthday Ron..  I'm glad that I have 8 mos of being 70. Lol

10/24/22 03:17 PM #9871    


Cindy Walters (Castillo)

Happy birthday, Ron!  Best birthday parties growing up we're in our old neighborhood. I'm sure you have lots of stories as your memory is way better than mine!

10/25/22 11:28 AM #9872    


Vicki Bissell

Sorry I missed your birthday Ron.  I hope you had a great day.

11/03/22 11:51 AM #9873    


Ron Smith

Happy birthday Vicki !!! Hope your day is a good one.

11/18/22 12:40 PM #9874    


Danny Cavenee

Happy Birthday Ron . Remember all the great Baseball cames we had on the old field behind  Kenwood . NO phone calls just show up pick a team and play ball.

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